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Despite falling poverty, Brazil's poorest children often grow up amid dangerous conditions in the country's favelas, where schools and hospitals are often non-existence. You can help provide care for some of these children in one of our 16 SOS Children's Villages. … more about our charity work in Brazil

Cecilia's Village visit tops trip to Rio

Cecilia had an amazing time meeting families at our Children's Village in Rio
Cecilia had an amazing time meeting families at our Children's Village in Rio

Cecilia is the founder of “from babies with love”, a unique online baby clothes shop which uses 100% of its profits to sponsor 14 children and two SOS Children's Villages worldwide. With the World Cup in full swing, she travelled to Rio, where she paid a visit to the Children's Village in Jacarepaguá. Here, Cecilia remembers what made her trip extra special...

“I’m just back from a World Cup family holiday in Rio, where my mum is from. It was wonderful to introduce my two sons, Isaac, age three and Sam who just turned one, to everything I love about Brazil.

I’d bought Sam some clothes from our gorgeous range and had planned a ‘from babies with love’ photo shoot on Ipanema beach… but unbelievably he got chicken pox while we were there! Even with his spots he’s still the cutest, but perhaps not the best baby model at the moment!

Visit to the Village

Whilst I was there I visited an SOS Children’s Village in Jacarepaguá, a suburb of Rio. And what could be more typically Brazilian – my cousin and brother played football with some of the children – nothing more needed when you have the universal language of football.

Watching the game on the village green, surrounded by brightly painted family houses, I met an SOS mother – and swapped chicken pox stories!

Meeting mum at the Children's Village in Salvador da Bahia
Cecilia's online baby clothes shop “from babies with love” donates
100% of its profits to the care of children worldwide

Some of her children were from the slum Cidade de Deus (City of God) made famous by the film that documented the horrific situations some children in slums live in. But there was no mention of that – rather a tour of all the trees her children pick fruit from, mangos, papayas – it was a stunning setting and inspiring to meet an amazing family.

All the baby clothes bought at ‘from babies with love’ enable children all over the world to enjoy love and care in SOS Children’s Villages like this one. A huge thank you to all our customers and supporters.”

Baby clothes with a conscience

We are hugely grateful to Cecilia for her immense generosity and tireless hard work. It's thanks to supporters like her that children from the most vulnerable backgrounds can enjoy the very best start in life. 

It's Cecilia's customers that make “from babies with love” possible. So if you want to buy baby clothes with a conscience, “from babies with love” is the place to go. By shopping with Cecilia, you can be sure that 100% of the profits from your purchased will go towards the care of the world's most vulnerable children. What better way to keep baby happy?!

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