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Welcome from our new chief executive

Welcome from our new chief executive

“As some of you may know, I took over as the chief executive of SOS Children’s Villages UK in November 2013 after 30 years in the British Army. I have seen how the SOS Children’s Villages ‘model’ is the best for helping vulnerable children – which is why I am so very proud to have been selected to lead the UK team.

During my career, I served on operations in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, Northern Ireland and Sierra Leone. For the last six years I was based in eastern Africa, working with most of the countries in the region, particularly those with the shared purpose of finding a solution to the problems in Somalia. I have seen at first hand, therefore, the conditions that create the need for an organisation such as SOS Children.

My challenge is clear: there are a growing number of children who need our help, but SOS Children is relatively unknown in the UK – and there are many charities seeking similar support. The solution is obvious: we need to generate more income. It will not surprise you to learn, therefore, that I am currently designing a strategy that will see SOS Children UK grow its annual income from around £6m at present to £10m and beyond.

Have your say

I am clear that our growth has to be sustainable, and must not be at the expense of the relationship we have with you, our valued supporters. In this edition of Family Matters, I have included a short questionnaire, which you can access here or via the link below. Please take the time to complete it, as your input is invaluable to the charity’s continuing growth and success. I would also be keen to learn what you think we do well, what we currently do less well, and what we should do more of. Please do let me know!

Click here to complete the survey online.

Fifty years in India

To mark our 50th year in India, in this issue of Family Matters, we’re taking a closer look at the country where we have more SOS Children’s Villages than any other. Despite a decade of economic growth, many of India’s children and families still face extremely tough challenges which is why the support we provide is as vital today as it has ever been.

Finally, on behalf of our whole team, I would like to reiterate how much we appreciate your continued interest and support. For children with nothing and no one to look after them, you are helping to transform lives and give them a future to look forward to. Please continue to help us help them on their journeys.

Thank you for being part of the world’s largest family.”

Simon Etherington OBE