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Marshall Group helps children in the Philippines

Marshall made a substantial contribution to our emergency appeal
Marshall made a substantial contribution to our emergency appeal

We would like to thank the Marshall Group for their kind support of our work to help children and families in the Philippines. Their very generous contribution will help us continue to provide much-needed care to children whose lives have been turned upside down by last month's typhoon.

Major Cambridge employer, the Marshall Group, made a substantial donation to our emergency appeal at an evening of festive celebration at their international headquarters in Cambridge. Youngsters from nearby Teversham School also attended the celebrations and enjoyed the switching-on of the Christmas lights.

The ceremony ended in a collection for SOS Children’s Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Appeal. Along with Marshall’s donation, the money raised will help ensure children in the Philippines get the support they need at this time of crisis.

Small girl Tacloban“SOS Children is a most wonderful charity which touches the hearts of many people,” said a spokesperson from Marshall. “In the aftermath of the terrible tragedy in the Philippines, we were very pleased to use the occasion of switching on our Christmas tree lights, with the children of Teversham Church of England Primary School present, to remember young children whose personal circumstances are less happy than those enjoyed over here. The young children from Teversham and their Christmas carol singing provided a fantastic setting to raise much needed funds for this great charity.”

Half a century of expertise in the Philippines

SOS Children has been a constant presence in the Philippines since 1964 and, with nearly half a century of local knowledge and expertise, is well-equipped to respond quickly to families’ needs. From our Children’s Village in Tacloban, we are supporting the most vulnerable people across one of the country’s worst-affected city, and helping communities in seven other key locations throughout the Philippines.

“Marshall’s generosity and the kindness of those who attended the ceremony will help us continue the vital work we are doing in Tacloban and elsewhere,” said Simon Etherington, CEO of SOS Children. “It is thanks to supporters like these that we are able to provide ongoing support to help families rebuild their lives in the aftermath of such a terrible disaster.”

Child-friendly space in Tacloban
Children smile again at one of our child-friendly spaces in Tacloban.

What are we doing in the Philippines?

Our presence in some of the worst-hit areas meant that we were able to respond as soon as the Typhoon Haiyan hit:

  • In the immediate aftermath of the typhoon, we moved many young people living at our Children’s Village in Tacloban out of the city to our Village in Calbayog. The children have now returned to Tacloban.
  • We provided essential supplies such as food, water, medication and warm clothing to families in the community in the days after the storm.
  • We are helping unite separated families in Tacloban.
  • We are running six child-friendly spaces, where children can find a place of refuge from the devastation. Here, trained social workers and psychologists work to ensure children can begin to recover from the trauma of disaster through safe childhood activities such as games, drama and sports. This also provides parents with an opportunity to do all they need to rebuild their lives after the typhoon. Many children have learnt to smile again thanks to these schemes.

You can help us continue our important work in Tacloban and elsewhere. Please give to our emergency appeal...