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Christmas fun for SOS children at Siedlsli, Poland

Nine-year-old Anna as a tiger at our Children's Village in Siedlsli
Nine-year-old Anna as a tiger at our Children's Village in Siedlsli

Siedlsli is one of five SOS Children’s Villages in Poland. As in many other SOS villages, the mothers and community members at Siedlsli organise fun events such as plays and performances to make sure Christmas is as memorable and special for the children as possible.

Nine-year-old Anna is a born performer, as you can see from the photograph taken of her earlier this year, where she is pretending to be a tiger. Anna looks forward to taking part in any shows, carnivals and plays. She talks proudly about her previous parts: “I was a snowflake, ladybird, princess. Hmm, what next?” she wonders. And of course, at Christmas, Anna likes to make sure she has a part in the nativity plays. The nine-year-old has a beautiful voice too, so she enjoys singing carols and other festive songs.

Celebrating Christmas with a celebrity

Last year, Christmas was a particularly special time for singing. The famous Polish singer, Natalia Kukulska, ambassador of SOS Children’s Villages in Poland, chose to record a song – “Kiedy świąt przyjdzie moment” (When Christmas comes) with four SOS youngsters. This song and video helped raise awareness about the work of SOS Children in Poland and win more supporters.

SOS Polish people singingThe four lucky girls who sang with Natalia and other children were also invited to sing at the Great Illumination concert held in Warsaw’s Castle Square. This is a memory these youngsters will no doubt cherish for a very long time.

A family time too

But of course, Christmas isn’t only about enjoying high-profile events and celebrations. The children at Siedlsi also look forward to playing outside and to quieter moments in their homes, when they can spend time with their SOS mothers and play games with their siblings.

Anna frowns at the mention of board games and puzzles, though apparently she’s been known to solve a 260-piece puzzle very quickly. But Anna certainly enjoys reading and will no doubt be hoping for some new books at Christmas. She also likes to look her best, so maybe this nine-year-old will be wishing for some clothes and jewellery too. And of course, what child doesn’t hope for a few edible goodies in their stocking. “I love sweets,” says Anna, “I can eat them all the time!”

So let’s hope Father Christmas brings Anna plenty of sweets, though it doesn’t sound like they’ll last long with this girl!

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