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Spotlight on supporters

With help from BT, we were able to get broadband to 20 Villages
With help from BT, we were able to get broadband to 20 Villages

We take a look at the fantastic things our supporters have done to help for vulnerable children and families around the world.

Connecting Africa

To help more of the vulnerable children, families and communities we support in Africa benefit from high-speed internet, SOS Children and BT have launched an exciting collaboration to bring broadband connectivity to 20 SOS Children’s Villages. Connecting Africa will reach around 700,000 people in 12 African countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Mali.

The venture will open up numerous possibilities, including access to e-learning, online mentoring and adult education, plus those involved will have the chance to develop their technology skills. We will be able to deliver essential services to communities faster and more effectively, while making it easier to share photos and videos with supporters worldwide Speaking at the launch during the World Economic Forum on Africa in May, Meryl Davies, Director of Fundraising at SOS Children UK said:

“IT and connectivity can make a real difference to children, opening their eyes to a whole world of new information and wonderful education opportunities. SOS Children is immensely proud to be working together on this with BT.”

SusieA day to remember

The day that Susie Edmonds from Portsmouth met Malu, the little girl she sponsors at an SOS Children’s Village in Laos, is one she’ll never forget.

“It was lovely to meet Malu. She had made me a garland of fresh flowers and I gave her a little bag of presents. As a child I’d loved reading, so had found some books in both English and Lao, including a world atlas and storybook. The community seemed a very vibrant and happy place. Education has not always been placed that highly in Laos but all these children are educated and schooled. It appears that education is now being prioritised, certainly in the cities. For me educating young girls is so important – it has been proven time and time again to be a big step in reducing poverty. I felt these children were lucky to be somewhere that they are clearly so well loved and cared for. I would urge anyone thinking about sponsoring a child to consider SOS Children – it’s a great charity.”

If, like Susie, you want to change a child’s life with SOS Children, it takes as little as £20 a month. You can be sure that 100% of your donation will go towards vital support from education to healthcare.

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