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Autumn 2013 Family Matters magazine

Our new Autumn edition of Family Matters focuses on education and its power to transform lives. Take a look inside to learn about the barriers to learning faced by numerous children around the world, and find out what we are doing to help.

Family Matters 2013 issue 2 cover imageImagine how tough it is to succeed in life when you can't read or write. Unbelievable as it is, this is the fate of 776 million people around the world - that's 16% of the global population who are unable to read this sentence.

In this edition of Family Matters, we take you on a journey through the work we are doing to help children, young people and adults get access to a decent education. From bikes which enable students to travel to school in western Mali, to training which helps young adults achieve their dream career - you can read it all in Family Matters.

Find out about Samia from Somaliland, who excelled at school and came top in all the exams - only to be taken out of education at 11 when her father fell ill. But when SOS Children stepped in to provide long-term family support, she was she able to return to school and do what she loved best.

And read the incredible story of Mekidem, a young man who joined SOS Children in Awassa, Ethiopia aged 8. He pursued a bright academic career at the local SOS school and then went on to  our International College in Ghana - before finally accepting a place at Harvard University this year!

Family Matters is packed full of stories like this, and we hope you enjoy the latest edition.

Download Family Matters here.