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Play Baby Nom Nom and raise money for SOS Children

Play Baby Nom Nom and raise money for SOS Children

Baby Nom Nom is no ordinary game. Thanks to the generosity of its creators, Playrise Digital, 15% of net revenues from this immensely playable and furiously addictive app will help children and families in the care of SOS Children.

Baby Nom Nom is a brilliantly simple but insanely challenging electronic innovation. Currently available on iPhone and iPad but soon to be released on Android devices as well, players must release a heap of rice from a series of increasingly difficult maze puzzles to feed a hungry baby. Easy it is not - and with every level, the challenge gets harder. And a word of warning: you most certainly do not want to disappoint Baby Nom Nom!

Made up of 36 levels set in three beautifully hand-illustrated worlds, Baby Nom Nom couldn’t be easier to grasp - or harder to play! Each puzzle is timed against the clock and involves a rotatable maze through which players move a heap of rice and ultimately feed baby. Miss the bowl and Baby Nom Nom is going to have the biggest temper tantrum you’ve ever seen...

An innovative new partnership

The partnership was possible thanks to the hard work of Playmob, a company which links up game developers with charities. SOS Children, Playmob, and Playrise Ltd are delighted to be working together to enable people to help as they play.

"We are delighted to be working with Playrise Digital," says Meryl Davies, SOS Children’s Director of Fundraising. "We're really excited to be a part of this project. Donation-based gaming is a clever way for Playrise to support us. When they suggested Baby Nom Nom, we could see it was a unique way for them to help us nourish and care for babies and children."

Nick Burcombe, CEO of Playrise, is equally enthusiastic to be collaborating with SOS Children: “We are thrilled to announce this new partnership with Playmob and SOS Children. Our partnership makes me doubly proud that we are able to help with the charity’s important work in supporting children and families. This is a game that truly keeps on giving.”

It’s a no-brainer. Baby Nom Nom is fun, easy to get the hang of, and every new player of the game makes a contribution to a very special cause at no extra cost. So what are you waiting for?! Head to the app store and play today...