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SOS Children targets hunger as world discusses malnutrition ahead of G8

SOS Children targets hunger as world discusses malnutrition ahead of G8

Speaking at today’s international summit on malnutrition, David Cameron told international delegates of his pride in Britain’s aid spending and its impact on hunger worldwide. Against this background, SOS Children is providing long-term charity support to target hunger and curb the role of malnutrition in perpetuating poverty.

Speaking at a high-profile conference ahead of next week’s G8 meeting, the Prime Minister committed a further £375 million to the fight against global child hunger. Mr Cameron’s also signed up to the goal of saving 20 million children from chronic malnutrition in the world’s poorest countries.

As Mr Cameron spoke to world leaders, tens of thousands of people gathered for the "Nutrition for Growth" rally in Hyde Park, which addressed the issue of world hunger. Microsoft CEO Bill Gates called for greater generosity and more focus on the plight of people affected by hunger in poor countries.

Today's news comes in the wake of a report published by a UN agency, suggesting that malnutrition is to blame for 45% of global deaths among children under 5.

SOS Children working to boost food security

SOS Children has delivered decades of life-saving charity work targeting malnutrition and the longer-term problems stemming from it. Our Spring edition of Family Matters magazine looks specifically at some of the projects we are running globally to aid families affected by this devastating problem.

By adopting a long-term approach, we help communities develop lasting solutions to widespread child malnutrition and the problems it causes.

In Niger, the rising cost of staple foods has worsened the Sahel-wide hunger crisis for poor families. Here, SOS Children is working with local leaders not only to deliver emergency food relief to offer much-needed support in the short term, but also to reduce uncertainty in future food supplies. The solution is to make important food sources available during times of famine, and specially created "grain banks" will provide affordable grain when prices escalate.

Our work also aims to prevent hunger stopping children going to school and acquiring the skills needed to escape poverty. On the other side of the world in Laos, unexploded bombs from the country’s long war have left vast swathes of agricultural land potentially hazardous and therefore unavailable for farming. SOS Children is targeting the high child malnutrition that has resulted by providing early healthcare to malnourished children, preventing complications which can otherwise be financially crippling.

This weekend, world hunger is on everyone’s lips as the world’s most influential figures discuss how to address child malnutrition over the coming years. SOS Children is acting now to provide long-term solutions to this devastating problems. Find out how you can help...