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SOS success stories on UN Family Day

SOS success stories on UN Family Day

To celebrate the UN’s International Day of the Family, we review two success stories from SOS families around the world.

Supporting families in Rwanda

The support we offered five-year-old Ange’s family has helped them achieve self-sufficiency, enabling her parents to continue caring for their four children.

Ange’s family have lived off their small plot of land for years. But by 2010, her parents were struggling to make ends meet and barely able to provide the care their children desperately needed.

When SOS Children found out about their plight, we invited them to enrol in our family support programme so we could help them get back on track.

We delivered the medical support Ange and her siblings urgently needed to stay healthy, and offered financial assistance to cover educational fees so that they could remain in school.

Crucially, Ange’s parents were given small-business training and enough financial support to enable them to start a business trading in beans and cereals.

Now, Ange and her family are all but self-reliant. The kick-start we gave the family business has enabled Ange’s parents to pay for their children’s education and provide for their other needs.

“We have a lot of hope now,” say Ange’s parents. “Ange is so happy at school. We are incredibly thankful for the fantastic opportunities SOS Children has given our family.”

An SOS mother remembers a lifetime of care

Yang’s father died while her mother was still pregnant. It was the love and kindness shown by her mother’s new husband that inspired her to become an SOS mother in South Korea.

Instead of starting a family of his own, Yang’s stepfather devoted himself to caring for the children from his wife’s first marriage. Yang joined SOS Children because she wanted to give children the same happy childhood that she enjoyed.

Yang treasures some very special memories from her time as an SOS mother. She remembers with particular fondness caring for a young girl who suffered from a disability. Sadly, she couldn’t remain with Yang and had to move into special care. Parting with her was tremendously difficult, but Yang stayed in touch and watched her grow into a successful young lady.

From time to time, Yang receives visits from her children. She is touched that they consider the Village to be their true home and that they think of her as their mother.
“I talk to them about their thought and feelings on the time they spent here with me,” says Yang. “I try to see their experiences here through their eyes.”

Yang has devoted a lifetime of care to the children at SOS Daegu in South Korea. It is thanks to women like her that many children who have no one else in the world are able to regain the love and security they deserve.

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