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For over four decades, our supporters have helped provide a home, a family and a mother's love to children in Bangladesh. Our Children's Villages provide care and the best opportunities in five locations all across the country, from Bogra in the north to Khulna and Chittagong in the south. … more about our charity work in Bangladesh

Cyclone Mahasen spares lives in Bangladesh

Cyclone Mahasen spares lives in Bangladesh

Cyclone Mahasen brought far less destruction than was feared as it made landfall in southern Bangladesh on Thursday morning. Mahasen veered west of its predicted path, meaning that the key ports of Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar were spared the destruction officials had anticipated.

As the cyclone passed, those who had taken refuge in schools and official buildings vacated temporary shelters and returned to their homes. Public services which had been closed down due to the storm, including air- and seaports, reopened as the danger passed.

However, 13 people are reported to have died so far and many homes have been destroyed in coastal areas.

Over a million people had fled their homes in anticipation of Mahasen, remembering the widespread damage caused by Cyclone Sidr back in 2007.

On the night of 15 November 2007, Cyclone Sidr cut a trail of destruction through nine coastal districts in Bangladesh. One of the worst-hit areas was Sarankhola in Bagerhat district, where hundreds died and thousands of families lost their homes.

In Bagerhat, SOS Children was one of the first on the scene, launching emergency relief for those affected by the disaster. The priority was on providing shelter, and we supplied corrugated-iron roofing to cover damaged structures still standing, as well as temporary shelters to house those whose homes had been destroyed. By acting quickly, we were able to protect 650 of the worst-hit families from the ravages of the winter that followed.

SOS Children have a history of helping those struck by disaster in Bangladesh. In 1986, destructive flooding claimed 50,000 lives in Chittagong and left numerous children without the care of their parents. In response, we opened a new Village in 1989 to serve Bangladesh's second largest city and the province around it. Our Children's Village in Chittagong is now a thriving community benefiting many children and families in the area.

Fortunately, yesterday’s cyclone in Bangladesh caused far less damage than the terrible storm of November 2007. Nevertheless, SOS Children are proud to be on hand to protect children and families whenever disaster strikes.

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