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Food and Fundraising

Moyra Irving
Moyra Irving

The author, Moyra Irving, explains what inspired her and a group of friends to set up The Extra Guest charity and help to fill the empty bowl for children being supported by our family strengthening programmes at an SOS Children’s Village in India.

A warm welcome to The Extra Guest

In 2009 I wrote a story about a dinner party when a small child holding an empty bowl appears and sits at the spare place setting. As the diners start to notice and greet the little stranger, the child smiles and slowly the bowl fills with gold coins. Everyone realises that something quite special is happening. This image inspired us to set up The Extra Guest charity and begin to ‘fill the empty bowl’.

Ethical dining

By promoting ethical dining we aim to make a difference for people living in poverty. At venues that have signed up, diners are invited to make a modest donation when they have a meal. The funds raised are then used to support end-hunger projects around the world. It’s all about sharing our good fortune when we sit down to enjoy a meal and remembering The Extra Guest – anyone who has little or no access to food. That’s why it is such a joy to support the family strengthening programme at SOS Children’s Village Greenfields in Faridabad, where over 1,100 children from impoverished families who live in the local slums are benefitting.

From diners to donors

FSP India

We work mainly with restaurants and host special events, however, we would heartily encourage anyone to host a dinner party at home and donate. We are also seeking a major food company to sponsor us and maybe even create a special Extra Guest product. The concept has captured imaginations and it’s been wonderful to see how, by donating a small amount, diners really can make a big difference.

Get involved

If, like Moyra, you’d like to get involved to support SOS Children’s work in any way at all, you will be in good company and your efforts most gratefully appreciated.

Find out more about how you can help.