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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Urumqi, China

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Urumqi, China

A child sponsorship report from Urumqi in China. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

We are very happy to write you about the recent development of the SOS Children’s Village and our children as well.  Up to now, due to your generous help and kind support, about 140 children have lived a happy life in the 14 families in our village. Some have already left the village, standing upon their own feet or working hard for higher career goals. The rest are still living in the village and receiving normal education at school, in pursuit of a bright future.

This year, 13 children will finish their 9-year compulsory education at school. At the end of June, they are going to take high school entrance exams. Those who pass the exams will face another 3-year education in high school. Those who cannot will be given a chance to receive some training in secondary professional schools where they can learn some practical skills or techniques.

In front of the youth house, there is a garden where each family has a small piece of land. Each family can grow some vegetables on the land of their own. Though the garden is not large, but many kinds of vegetable such as eggplants, Chinese cabbage, carrot, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers are growing there. The garden provides our family some vegetable and it also brings some fun for our families. At weekends or afterschool many children help their mothers with some gardening work such as watering etc. At that time, we will see children and their mothers chatter and laugh joyfully in a loud voice here and there in the garden.

With the development of our children, more and more youths have been moved out of their families into the youth house. Right now, there are 40 youths living in the youth apartment. Among them, three boys are going to graduate from senior high school. Up to now, one of them has received a government scholarship because of his good performance in high school. He is going to pursuit higher education in a college for the next three years. The other two take the College Entrance Exams. With the help from their teachers, they have already sent out their applications. At the moment they are waiting for their admission letters.

Affiliated to the SOS Children’s Village, the SOS nursery plays an active role in providing day care and pre-school education for children in our neighborhood. At present, 270 children are receiving daycare and pre-school education in our nursery. Among them, only 3 children are from the SOS Children’s Village. They are being taken good care of by 12 professional teachers and other staff.

Early this year, the nursery teachers collect 42 paintings and drawings. And they post them for a national painting contest for children. Later one gets a Special Prize, six First Prizes, seven Second Prizes and four Third Prizes. And our nursery organizes a painting exhibit in the village for those who get prizes in the contest.

On Children’s Day (June 1), our village helps the nursery to organize a parents-children sports meeting at the village. All children and their parents participate in the sports meeting and they have a lot of fun. Many parents take photos or use cameras to record the sports event for the kids. The sports meeting lasts for more than three days and the children have the happiest hours during the week.

Dear our sponsor, your kindness and generosity makes us do our work for the needy children in the village.  We would like to thank you very much for your great help. We wish you a pleasant summer.

SOS Children's Village Urumqi