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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Putian, China

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Putian, China

A child sponsorship report from Putian in China. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

It’s time to send you the summer report again. In the past 6 months of 2012, we have taken a lot of actions for the children in our care, and the children didn’t disappointed us, they have gained different improvements in their studies and lives. The following are the simple reports.

SOS Children’s Village

The Garden

The nice surrounding of the gardening and the red traditional Chinese buildings in our village still impresses a lot. In recent years, the specially developed roots of the alpine banyan trees near the buildings have penetrated the sewage pipes under the floor, causing blockage. It has brought much inconvenience and maintenance. As it goes on, it would even cause damage to the construction foundation. With the support of Putian government, the alpine banyan trees around the buildings have been moved, and some Apricot trees are planted in the place. At the same time, we introduced some kinds of plants that would help to repel the mosquitoes in the hot summer, introduced different flower trees to brighten children’s eyes and hearts. Also we added more open seats around the buildings for the children’s entertainment. As you know, in the summer evening or dusk it is so cool outside. The children prefer staying outside. Now they have seats to sit down, especially after they finished playing sports.

The Summer Vacation 

To enrich the children’s life in the summer vacation, we have made some efforts for them. Taking into account the different needs and interest of the children at different ages, more than 300 new books was added to the village library. We hope every child/ youth could find their loved books to read, the books can become their friends in life. We recruited the well-organized volunteers to give classes for children’s hobbies, such as the art class, hosting class, painting class, and so on for the children. In the process of teaching, the volunteers have become the children’s friends. On the final result report, we see not only the art displays they have made, also the deep friendship between the children and the volunteers. They made an appointment, with tears in everybody’s eyes: to meet next year.

The Youth Home

Teenagers are curious about everything, and ready to follow whatever the good or bad deeds. To help the youth to take the right steps during the period, we invited the legal expertise to give a lesson for them. The lesson used the true cases from the real life, discussing the reasons of the crime and how to prevent the crime. We believe the lesson would help the children to understand the criminal actions in daily life, guide the children to use the law weapon to protect their rights.

To help the youth to integrate into the society, we encourage those who are studying in the college or learning the skills to have social practices and get some working experience first. At the same time, the real working society would help them to realize what they need to improve.

The Nursery

To keep Safe is important in one’s life, especially for the weakest—the little kids. As the summer vacation is approaching, to make sure the kids are having a safe, happy holiday, the nursery highlighted the safety education on transportation, food hygiene, fire and power safety, and the like. To impress the kids, the teachers use those means such as telling the stories with the pictures and the role play game; to inform the adults, we send the paper notice, or communicate online by QQ(a chatting tool online).

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