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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Nairobi, Kenya

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Nairobi, Kenya

A child sponsorship report from Nairobi in Kenya. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

In this beautiful year, we are delighted to have yet another opportunity to update you about SOS Children’s Nairobi. Everybody in the village is well and in good health. We do hope you are well too! This first half of the year has had many activities take place which have kept everyone busy yet excited.

New admission

The village received two new children in the month of March and they have adjusted very well.  They are excited to be in a new hope with brothers and sisters. Their admission brought the village population to a total of 148 (79 boys and 69 girls) children.  In addition, we have a new Village Director in the village who has been able to bond well with the children.

Friends of the village

The village shares a strong and wonderful relationship with Glaxo Smithkline (GSK).  In the course of the quarter, GSK donated 80 various story books, novels and other informative books. This was yet another opportunity for the company to put a smile on the faces of the children. In addition Kenchic donated 500 chicks towards the village farm project and as we write the children have already enjoyed thier first delicious meal of chicken.                                     

Family Strengthening Programme

The family strengthening programme has had a beehive of activities. Home visits for 725 beneficiaries were conducted by the Community health workers where they supported in monitoring the community’s health, identifying patients at risk, interpreted the social climate and acted as liaisons between the community and the programme. As a result preventive and curative measures were taken for beneficiaries who were very needy. Notable for this first half of the year was the family capacity building where 13 families were trained in Family Matters. These families have now turned out to be the champions in giving child care advice to parents within their communities. One parent was quoted saying –  “I am glad to be part of a team that seeks to bring various communities together for the advancement of the children”.

Medical Centre

The Medical Centre has seen a big improvement in the clientele accessing services in the clinic. The number has increased by 30% as compared to the last half year of 2011. The medical team has ensured that there is quality medical service delivery in mother child health care, treatment services to beneficiaries and HIV counseling and testing. The first half of the year saw the Medical Centre work in collaboration with Save My Mother project to create awareness on the cervical cancer which is today living many children orphaned as a result of the death of their mothers. So far awareness programmes were able to reach out to 471 people with 196 accepting to be screened. Out of this number 12 people who had bacteria that could lead to cancer were treated are now in good health.

SOS Technical Training Institute (TTI)

This year TTI joined hands with Africa Nazarene University to make the institute a centre of excellence by providing further training in various courses offered by the university for the Institute’s graduates who qualify, as well as community members. In an effort to integrate with other higher learning institutions, the school has been receiving interns from other institutions of higher learning like the teachers training colleges and the university to mention but a few. This internship has helped to develop professional work habits; provides an understanding of corporate cultures and given the interns an opportunity to analyse employment settings. 

SOS Schools

At present the Primary School has a total of 245 pupils (131 boys and 114 girls) enrolled.  Out of this 107 children are from the village while 138 from the community.  Academically the school has continued to show an upward trend in its overall performance. Out of 27 schools which the school has been competing with grade one, six and seven have taken first position while grade three, four and five attained position four. This has been made possible through the tireless efforts made by the teaching staff through information sharing coupled with target setting of marks and motivational talks to the children and parents.

The nursery has a student population of 58 children with a teaching staff of 6. They have registered significant progress in all aspects of work during the year. Twenty-five children from the pre-unit graduated in November 2011 and they were able to join recognised primary schools. In March the nursery had a fun day for the children and their parents. The children were very excited to see their parents compete in different activities.

In conclusion, we thank you for making our work enjoyable and we wish you a beautiful summer season

Yours faithfully,

SOS Children's Village Nairobi