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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Khartoum, Sudan

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Khartoum, Sudan

A child sponsorship report from Khartoum in Sudan. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

I think sometimes Words seem meaningless in the most of our live moments, and especially when it comes to translate hope which is lightening the future of our children in SOS Children’s Villages Khartoum, especially when children join as new family members.The expressions of pleasure and happiness in the eyes of the SOS mothers, SOS brothers and relatives on the occasion guides you to the real meaning.

On 23rd of Jan 2012, all children and coworkers stood up in row singing welcoming songs for the newcomers, 20 boys and 5 girls, to their home.Their health situation and weight is improving, also vaccination program for them has been followed up. The total of our children now is 124 child, 33 out of the total are girls.

The children family session under the big tree is still going on. Moreover, we organized an English Club in the same place.The children began to organize the session by them selves writing the program in a book and opening sessions by themselves.

During this year our children were very lucky to enjoy many sport and cultural activities. The major sport activity was donated by (ASMAR and SAMSUNG) two sister sports companies. They sponsored 27 boys in football, basketball, volley ball outside the village. The same corporation closed the program end of March with big festival, they awarded our children.

We have eventual day under the logo of (Aim SOS child Aim the sun of Sudan) a voluntary relative group has organized the day for our children. The day took place in BURI Family Park outside the village; all SOS families went out and attended the day including our youth homes. The day is well covered by SHOUROQ TV Chanel.

First of April our SOS children travelled outside to the country side, for a month, with their mothers. We are very keen to do this kind of activity to strength the children integration in the community, in the sometime a successful camp for girls under preparation was led by the village father wife was done in JABRA 17 area .the girls ended the camp in 30th of April.When they returned back in home ,they seem talent efficient ,with life experiences.Their relationship with neighbours is still continuously running with nice exchange of visits. Moreover they have refreshed the religion knowledge and they are leading their brothers in practical structures.

The study year ended in March. We have in elementary stage 54 boys and girls in different classes. This year our children occurred 80% successfully. On the occasion we decided to make a day in 19th of March every year for education under the logo (Yes I can) in the same time educational committee is awarded from the NCO director. We started reinforcement lessons for the week ones.

This year schools registered 285 pupils in girls school 28 out of mentioned number sat for final examination and they have succeeded to join high secondary stage with 100% success. Boys school registered 420 students. Those who sat for final exams are 43 students, success rate is 93.7%. 

In conclusion, I would like on behalf of all who are working here and on behalf of all SOS Children’s Villages Khartoum to thank you.

SOS Children's Village Khartoum