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SOS Children's Villages started its work in Peru in 1975. Today there are eight SOS Children's Villages in Peru which are home to over 850 children and young people. In addition there are fifteen projects attached to the Villages providing education, social and medical care for children and families in the local communities … more about our charity work in Peru

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Juliaca, Peru

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Juliaca, Peru

A child sponsorship report from Juliaca in Peru. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsors,

On behalf of the families in our SOS Children’s Village, warm greetings from the city of the winds, Juliaca. Currently, we have eight family houses that represent a home for 49 boys and girls. In these months, two children have reintegrated with their biological family, but they, along with their biological mother, still come to visit their siblings from their SOS home.

In our village, we have boys and girls of different ages; the youngest is 11 months old. He is the cheekiest child in the house, and he receives all the attention from everyone in the village.

In January, the beginning of the year, the boys and girls of the village enjoy vacation, and together with their SOS mothers, they plan what they will do for their vacation. Some opt to spend time outside of the city, for example, in Putina. Putina is a place with recreation and fun, with a pool and hot water springs. Around the bathrooms there is a beautiful Puyas of Raymondi forest. Once back to the village, everyone is very tired but happy with the day shared in good company.

In addition to the recreation activities, the mothers also enroll their boys and girls in different summer workshops. The workshops help equalize education level for those who have regular or low school performance, along with provide lessons in the arts, dance, and sports.

In February, during the “Juliaca Carnival,” we can enjoy the very popular folklore festival. It’s of the longest festivals in Peru; there are various activities, such as courses in folkloric ballet, which the SOS families participate in as a musical cast.

In March, the vacation ends and school begins. They are very happy to return to their classmates and teachers. The mothers spend the month before preparing school uniforms, buying school supplies, and changing their routines so they can take and pick the children up from school. The little ones are happy with their lunch boxes that have their favorite cartoon or television character on the front. 

In June, we joyfully celebrated the International Day of SOS Children’s Village. All the boys, girls, mothers, and collaborators enthusiastically and actively participated in the celebration. The families prepared torches and chains of colored paper to decorate the houses. On Sunday the 24th, all the SOS families, collaborators, and participants of the Juliaca Community Homes were invited to the flag ceremony of raising the national flag and the Juliaca flag in the principal plaza of the city.

In our Family Strengthening Center, we have 19 Community Homes located in marginal-urban sectors, which help 672 boys and girls. We have signed an agreement with the Puno Regional Bureau of Education that will cover the payments of the teachers in our INSPOE (Initial Non-School Program Of Education). We have also signed an agreement with NPONS (National Program Of Nutritional Support) in order to receive food donations for the community homes.

We take this opportunity to convey our deepest gratitude because without your support, none of the activities mentioned in this letter, as well as those not mentioned, would be possible.

SOS Children's Village Juliaca