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In 1994, SOS Children's Villages built an SOS Transit Home - a half-way house - in Colón, north west of Panama City, to help parents unable to look after their own children for reasons such as drug addiction or imprisonment. The first such facility in Panama, it can provide temporary accommodation for up to fifty children in urgent need of help … more about our charity work in Panama

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from David, Panama

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from David, Panama

A child sponsorship report from David in Panama. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

On this occasion and from our SOS Children's Village David, we thank to you all sponsors, who each year with your contributions make possible that this great work of love continues to function. To you: our infinite gratitude.

As you may imagine by this time already the summer is ending in our country and rains are dropped with more frequency. This transition period brings with it some colds. Especially for all for children and seniors, so care must be redoubled. But it also brings the refreshing feeling of cool water, flowers revive and grass grows back. For the children, it shortens the time in the playground because the rains usually fall in the afternoon, so they have to be creative and have fun indoors.

But summer has been great in many ways.  Repairs have been done on the houses inside and out, the roof was cleaned and could start remodeling the park.  This still is not finished, but is well on course. Finally everything will be ready to be able to the children could play outside. And the healthy fun is one of the aspects taken into account, as well as education, food and love.

The love of a mother is one of the main foundations of our work. As an example we mention an SOS mother, who last February got 14 years of service in SOS Children´s Villages. She talks about her work with passion: she told us that at home there is respect for her authority. But that does not come alone since she also gives respect to her children, takes their opinions into account and seeks a time for everything. There are times to give love, warmth of family, advice and admonitions; without offenses or wounding feelings.

She comments that this is the key to better outcomes for the children since she is not only there occupying a position, but is to seek alternatives to help them achieve their goals and that is achieved in a loving home.

And it is that affection gradually moves mountains and makes people react positively. Such is the case of one of SOS families that last year the SOS aunt had to be changed, since the SOS aunt that was in charge of this SOS family got ill. For the newcomer SOS aunt was very difficult to engage and what we can say about the children of this SOS family. It was a challenge that the children finished well the school year and to approve the subjects. But the work and the affection of the SOS aunt gave good results. No children had to repeat their subjects. So they could, as a reward for their effort, enjoy a summer of activities.

Talking about activities, the anniversary of this year that met 13 years of foundation was fairly simple but very emotional. Especially the children enjoyed clowns’ functions, games, candies, and cakes. And even sang happy birthday to the SOS village.

Finally, as we have said before, life in the SOS Children's Village David does not stop. Young people become independent but we don´t lose sight. And this is mainly due to the support of people like you, sponsors: believe in what we do. Therefore we reiterate our gratitude, we the total belief that it will be returned all the good that you do in the lives of children and young people, at our care.

Thank you very much!

SOS Children's Village David