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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Byumba, Rwanda

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Byumba, Rwanda

A child sponsorship report from Byumba in Rwanda. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

It is with pleasure that I address to you the semester report 2012 of SOS Children’s Village of Byumba in Rwanda.

Byumba SOS Children's village works very well this year. The children are all in good health; they grow well and study well. As planned, in January of each year, we have to transfer children and admit new children to the SOS families; now, we have managed to transfer 16 children including 8 boys and 8 girls in the home of SOS Youth and admitted 16 new children in family houses among them, 6 are boys and 10 are girls.

A ceremony was organized for the event of transferring SOS youths and the admission of the new children in the new home to facilitate their integration. A young star from the capital city of Kigali called Kitoko was invited to sing and dance for children. SOS Children and the staff were all very happy.

Among the 16 newly admitted children, 14 showed signs of severe malnutrition. They were also suffering from respiratory diseases. These new children were given new clothes and their body hygiene was also catered for to enable them integrate appropriately in their new SOS families.

All these children are now shaped. They have quickly got adapted themselves to the life in the SOS Children’s Village of Byumba. The quick recovery of these newly admitted children in few days is a paramount indicator of the work of the SOS mothers. We cannot get enough words to thank them for this good work.

Regarding the strengthening of the SOS mothers and aunts capacity in support of SOS children, 4 aunts were trained for 3 weeks at the training centre of Kigali and also last year, 8 aged mothers were trained at the same centre.  They now have the same professional proficiency! They have understood that they must be united for a common cause: the best interests of the child.

Our Nursery school has 75 children including 30 babies from the SOS village and 45 from the surrounding community. This year, for better framing, a headmistress of SOS nursery of Byumba was confirmed and she is very active. Earlier this school year, many parents could not find places for their children in this nursery. So the demand was very high!  Parents were willing to pay any price to ensure that their children are enrolled at the SOS school.  The probability session was organized for the few available places. It is a pride to have his child already the SOS school.

Our primary school is still among the best schools in the Northern Province.  It is always the best school in the Primary Leaving examinations. Among the 432 pupils at this school, only 115 are SOS Children.  17 teachers provide quality education at this school.  At the beginning of the year, the requests for entrance at this school was high compared to the available places. Parents always seek to add other classes and even to open a secondary school in the area. The request to build a high school as the twelve years basic education which the Government has already begun to build next to each primary school in the country.

The family strengthening programme always assists 250 children in 94 local families. We do ensure that assisted family be strengthened after 5 years at most.  Indeed, we found that when we help many natives, they develop their radical terraced fields for the control of soil erosion and their give cattle. They are easily able to a satisfactory level of food self-sufficiency. Their worry is the payment of school fees for secondary school children. We thought that deliberately we will continue to support these students until the end of high school. We are encouraged by the fact that the majority of these students follow vocational education and thus will secure jobs after their studies. Their results are very satisfactory.

This year again, we will continue to assist some families by enabling them to get cows and drawing other radical terraces. We will also strengthen the capacity of community-based organizations to enable the community to support its orphans and vulnerable children.

Our Medical Centre works to the satisfaction of its customers. We have 2 nurses and a laboratory assistant. We are satisfied with their services. The SOS doctor comes every Thursday of the week for support but it is rare that there are cases that the nurses do not understand.

As last year, all staff and the SOS Children are affiliated with the Rwanda health insurance (RAMA) and we treated in all hospitals in the country and at a low cost.

We have been through a period of heavy rains which often are accompanied by damage of materials. There were flooding, mudslides, where homes were destroyed, but the fields are green and we hope for a good harvest. Extended large hills of fields of maize, potatoes or beans are seen. The Rwandan farmer has understood the importance of the land consolidation which is initiated by the Government.

The rate of real economic growth of the year 2011 was 7%. It was 6.5% in 2010. It is growing because of the land consolidation and also of the fact that many people are beginning to invest in business of agriculture and especially in the growth of coffee and the tertiary sector. Rwanda develops its tertiary sector and to dream now being the regional leader of services with high quality and added value (finance, ICT, trade, air transport, leisure, tourism).

I end my report by sending to you our sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the continuous help that you render to our children and ensuring to the satisfaction of the needs of the children.

SOS Children's Village Byumba