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HIV/AIDS has devastated many Cambodian families, leaving hundreds of thousands of children without parental care. We provide a loving home for the most vulnerable children in the capital Phnom Penh, as well as four other locations across the country. … more about our charity work in Cambodia

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Battambang, Cambodia

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Battambang, Cambodia

A child sponsorship report from Battambang in Cambodia. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

We hope that this letter finds you, your whole family and friends in good health! We are glad to share you with the information and activities concerning our beautiful village during the last six months

Up to now, we have provided such a warming family with love to 149 children within bright future from our careful indication. They have been provided with all necessary needs so they always feel belong to their family. They can later overcome the trauma of losing their previous environment, family and friends from where they come. They all found in SOS Children’s Village Battambang where regarding as a loving home for children. The youngest child is two year old and the oldest one is 18 years old.

It is a historical day and great event that our children U 18 girl team won the Futsal Football Champion in a 2 to 1 victory over the Chrey community team that join 10 teams competing in the tournament. With dramatic victory tournament is successful because of the huge commitment, dedication and effort of our children. Coach said the girls had a great year, and this final game was the best team effort  they have not played as well as they did all year. It was awesome.

The one SOS-youth houses accommodate 12 residents. We have planned to move one child to live at youth’s house in next year. It started operational in June 2011. All boy youths are studying in SOS School in such as grade7, 8, 9 and 10.  Our youth leader educate, support, advice and showing of which are right and wrong and morality of being human for youngsters. Now they develop realistic perspectives for their future, learn to share responsibilities and start making decisions on their own. They are encouraged to develop team spirit and maintain contacts with SOS mother, sibling, relatives and friends. They all visit their SOS mothers and siblings weekend. A part of extra curriculum activities they join the other training such as football training, classical music, dancing and English languages. There is a whole variety of traditional musical instruments they specialize in:  flute, drum, xylophone and fiddle. They love to demonstrate their skills and talents: this year they performed when SOS events that is held.

This year our nursery is having the total number of 105 pupils (53 students are female). Eleven of our SOS children are attending the nursery of whom 5 girls.  Our nursery is now running two shifts: morning and afternoon. We provide 25 pupil scholarships for poor children from neighborhood. For strengthening the quality of education, our nursery have been invested deeply in the formal education which is strongly followed the National Curriculum including some extra curriculum of SOS nursery. Moreover, children are effectively protected and taken care in physical and mental activities based on child’s rights protection policy. Thus guardian’s students satisfied quality of education. On the 1st of June, the International Children’s Day in morning all l Nusery pupils participated in the event. Our Nusery teacher prepared question relates to the articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and they were distributed among the children to respond the answer. The children who can answer right answer to got award. It was excited experience which all children will be bearing in mind for long and then our nursery teacher led children to play psychosocial game and creative activities game. Through these activities, children not only raised awareness of need to protect the rights of children throughout Cambodia but were also able to have fun, communicate and cooperate with each other.  In this day filled with joy, laughter, singing, dancing.

SOS School Battambang has been functioning from primary school to upper secondary school.  Actually we are also having two shifts in our schools with total number of student reaching 407 of whom 148 are from SOS children. To improve teaching quality our teachers are needed to take some training course at least twice a year. However, school has closely worked with the department of municipality of education youth and sport so that some training courses have been provided in order to update national curriculum. The debate club is established in the high School in order to find out what they really need in their studies so that a weekly meeting is regularly used as a round table talking in order to fulfill insufficient need which is required by some students.  Moreover, teachers clearly understand each student’s situation in the way they are learning and providing appropriate approach to students.

As family strengthening programme was established for mission to serve educational and social program especially for the process of working to improve the families’ condition by initiation and supporting key children’s development need and alleviate the socio-economic vulnerabilities through diversified services to enable them to support their own children independently. This will meet supplies for emergency situation, training allowances, purchase of tools and small equipment. The major focus will be to address the need of people with no education and no capital to invest for improving families relationships, parenting skills, youth’s social and life. Actually the is supporting 130 beneficiary families,  206 children and 9 adult with education, nutritional, and hygiene care.

On behalf of all the children and the whole SOS organization we would like to express our gratitude and sincerely thank for your kindness and your continuous help and support toward our children's wellbeing. 

With best wishes and warmest regards,

SOS Children's Village Battambang