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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

A child sponsorship report from Bahir Dar in Ethiopia. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

It is a pleasure to send you our best wishes for the summer and update you with the major happenings in SOS Children’s Village Bahir Dar.

Developing our children

Beyond providing a lovely home for children without parental care, the village is working towards preparing children to be a contributing member of the society. Children and youths are empowered by the involvement in child parliament and youth forums. They are encouraged to take responsibilities in focusing on their education, maintaining sanitations, resolving behavioral issues, decision making, and easily integrating with the outside community. Furthermore, the village has started a new program where children and youth are provided with different counseling and therapeutic supports according to their needs.

The SOS School on the other hand has started giving life skills education which has a huge impact on the students’ behavioral change. Guidance and orientations were also given for students who will take regional, national and international exams. Group and individual discussions were held to improve the results of students who scored below average in first semester exams. A series of discussions was also held with Parent Teacher Association members and other stakeholders in maximizing their involvement for the effectiveness of the school works. The nursery on its part is preparing to graduate its children in June.

Reaching out to the community

The social center is currently supporting 356 children and 204 caregivers. The beneficiaries are becoming self-reliant or graduating from the program. The social center is supporting vulnerable children at risk of losing their parents by providing nutrition, education, personal hygiene and medical care. It also had provided technical and financial supports for local community based organizations like Credit and Saving Cooperatives. Full time classes are arranged for nursery children to share the parents’ burden and provide a safe environment.

The social center has trained parents on child care and parenting skill and nannies on toy making. Some training was also organized on vocational skills such as hair dressing, driving license and cooking. The help continues after their graduation by facilitating employment opportunities in governmental, nongovernmental or private businesses.

Capacity building

SOS Children’s Village Bahir Dar is following a new administrative structure and it is being headed by a Program Director. This is due to a new program policy drawn by SOS International to align all SOS programs and enhance quality of SOS services to its stakeholders.

Trainings on child development and educational support were given for different stakeholders. Essential trainings and capacity building workshops were also given for teachers to develop their English language skills, update their continuous professional development, school improvement program, performance management and appraisal and classroom supervision.

Special event

Children and youth colorfully celebrated family, mothers and sponsorship days together with the staff members. They have made the programs really memorable by showing their talents reading inspiring poems, taking part in dramas, different games and sports competitions.

The major local and national holidays such as Christmas, Epiphany and Easter were also colourfully celebrated. The children were involved in various activities such as handicrafts, cooking, fashion shows and dramas during holidays and culture day. Besides sharing good experiences by visiting neighboring schools and historical places, the school through its education outreach program is benefiting students who have poor family backgrounds and government schools in need of support.

Thank you so very much for helping us helps the children. Your involvement is vitally important for the life of many in the community.

SOS Children's Village Bahir Dar