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Drought, famine and civil war have taken its toll on Ethiopian families. With life expectancy low, high illiteracy and widespread poverty, opportunities for many Ethiopian children are limited. We provide a happy, healthy start in life for children in seven locations throughout Ethiopia. … more about our charity work in Ethiopia

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Awassa, Ethiopia

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Awassa, Ethiopia

A child sponsorship report from Awassa in Ethiopia. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

Please accept warmest greetings from your family in SOS Children’s Village Awassa. Thanking you for your continued support here are the latest developments in the past half year time.   

Developing our children

Our village has continued caring for children without parental care. We recently admitted 15 children and they are now familiarised with the new environment and growing well.

We have always tried to present role models from our community to help our children lead an independent life. As a result, women entrepreneurs in the city and scholars from Awassa University were invited and shared their experiences to the children in Youth Home for Girls. The girls said that the session gave them a fair view of living successfully. 

The international high school program in the village currently accepted 13 students from the different villages in SOS Ethiopia and now in its attempt to improve the services for the children, the centre has created a new partnership with Sanford International School, Addis Ababa and arranged professional development activities for teachers and offered online training to the English teachers of SOS School.

Making the environment comfortable for nursery kids 70% of the construction of the new nursery is now completed by the joint effort of the school, the local government, and the community. It is expected to start functioning in the new academic year on September. Acknowledging mothers contribution, SOS mother’s day was celebrated colourfully on March 7, 2012 with the motto the SOS mother has a key role in bringing up children ethically. Crawling race among the newly admitted babies was the most entertaining part of the celebration.

Capacity building

Several trainings on how to develop trust and self-responsibility and time management, leadership, and child right have been provided to the child parliament members and children above the age of 12. The children found the training very helpful and they are encouraged to implement what they have learnt in their day to day activities. 

Training was also provided to all the personnel of the Day Care Centre on Child Care and Development. The centre had also organized a one day workshop for 130 caregivers on family planning and communicable disease prevention.  In order to improve the quality of nutritional service the centre provides, electrically operated kitchen materials were purchased and electric system of the building is also reinstalled accordingly.

Training on orphan and child psychology, Teaching and Learning Using Locally Available Resources (TALULAR), and school improvement plan were provided to all the teachers of the school in the past half year time.

The number of cattle in the dairy farm has increased to 49. Cream separator machine has also been purchased and it will start producing cream which adds to the number of milk products the farm avails.

Working with the community

Technical support has been given to Shiny Candle and Wax Candle producing women, and we managed to create a link with the Awassa City Children Youth and Women Affairs Office through which they were promised for 100,000.00 birr loan from World Bank Program. The production of Candle and wax candle is also going very well and earned them net profit of 3,454.00 birr within the first 25 days of production. One of our special needy youth has joined the candle producing women in the program and she is doing well.

Provision of psychosocial support for a total of 75 beneficiaries (36 children and 44 care givers) has been the other activity the program accomplished recently. In collaboration with the local government, six houses were also built and handed over to the most destitute beneficiaries. 

Finally, thank you for the unreserved and kind support you have been rendering to our village in order to make our objective of creating a loving and caring home for every child a reality. 

Sincerely yours, 

SOS Children’s Village Awassa