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SOS children make New Year’s Resolutions

SOS children make New Year’s Resolutions

In many of our 518 SOS Children’s Villages around the world, children have been looking forward to the New Year. From a range of difficult backgrounds, they have all now found safe homes in SOS Children’s Villages and are able to enjoy their childhoods. Here, they reveal the goals they are setting for 2013 and what they hope to achieve.

Tamsanqa from SOS Children's Village Mthatha in South Africa

Tamsanqa, a 12-year-old boy, says: “This year, I want to try my best to pass this school year because if you study well you can be what you want to be when you are old. Like a doctor. I also want to play soccer so I can be a star and score goals, be the man of the match.”

Karlis from SOS Children’s Village Valmiera in Latvia

12-year-old Karlis and his siblings have been living in SOS Children’s Village Valmiera for five years, after their parent’s alcohol addition left them neglected. They have now found a safe home together in a family headed by an SOS couple. Karlis enjoys painting, and would like to start learning photography in the coming year: He says: “I would love to be able to take photos and show them to others.”

Boupha from SOS Children’s Village Ratanakiri in Cambodia

Before coming to SOS Children’s Village, Boupha from SOS Children’s Village Ratanakiri in CambodiaBoupha’s life was very difficult. She was forced sell vegetables to support her elderly grandmother, and rarely went to school. Now living in SOS Children’s Village Ratanakiri, she is a happy young girl and has a world of opportunities ahead of her. Currently studying in Grade 5 (see photo, right), she wants to be a pharmacist when she grows up. Boupha’s New Year resolution is to study hard during 2013, so that she can make everyone proud of her.

Kot from SOS Children's Village Chiang Rai in Thailand

Kot, a six-year-old boy, says: "I wish everyone in my family to be happy in the next year because my SOS family makes me really happy. I also promise that I will drink one glass of milk every day."

Pilasande from SOS Children's Village Mthatha in South Africa

Pilasande, a 12-year-old boy, says: “My resolution is to sing because I want to do something for those who have done good things for me, for example my grandmother and SOS mother. The reason I want to sing is to pass a message about HIV and be popular like Zola (a TV personality in South Africa). I also want to be president!”

Luis Manuel from SOS Children’s Villages Managua in Nicaragua

After being abandoned by his parents, nine-year old Luis Manuel arrived at SOS Children's Village Managua in 2009. He had never attended school and lacked self-confidence. His SOS mother helped Luis Manuel to develop, and he now has ambitions of becoming a vet when he grows up. Luis Manuel says that his New Year’s Resolution is to complete primary education. He says: "Some years ago I wasn’t able to read or write; now I will finish primary school!"

You can help children to enjoy their childhood and realise their New Year ambitions by sponsoring a child with SOS Children.