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Palestinian Territories

In a country where living conditions are dependent on the policy of its neighbour Israel, children grow up with a limited sense of security. We provide safe, stable family homes in Bethlehem and Rafah, near Gaza. … more about our charity work in Palestinian Territories

Protecting the children of Gaza

Protecting the children of Gaza

Although a ceasefire has now been declared between Gaza and Israel, intense conflict in both countries during November caused death and devastation. In these still unstable times, we are increasingly concerned for the welfare of children in communities who have been caught up in the fighting. SOS Children are already running programmes to support vulnerable children in the country, and will help those affected by the violence. We need your support to continue our vital work.

The fighting, which is part of a 60 year old conflict, intensified during November. Israeli bombardments hit government buildings in Gaza, and they targeted the homes of Hamas militants. In one week alone, 94 Palestinians and three Israelis died in the battles.

A welcome ceasefire was declared between the two sides on 21st November. However, the situation is still insecure and unpredictable. Often the most vulnerable in conflict, children are suffering the traumatic effects of this violent conflict.

SOS Children have an established presence in Gaza. We have been working in Palestinian Territories since 1968 and are already helping children affected by the long-term conflict.

SOS Children in Gaza

We first started working in Palestinian Territories in 1968, when we opened our first SOS Children's Village in Bethlehem in the West Bank. Fourteen family homes provide a safe home for over 100 children with nothing and no one to care for them.

Our second SOS Children’s Village is located in Rafah – Gaza, a city in the southwest of the Gaza Strip. Our Village here provides a loving home for 120 children. Despite being in an insecure area, children, young people and SOS mothers at the SOS Children’s Village stayed safe throughout the bombings. Electricity was cut off during the night and the Village stocked up on essentials and food supplies. Mr Mohamed Shalaldeh, the Director of SOS Children in Palestinian Territories, said at the time: “Hearing and seeing the bombs falling down is putting an enormous strain on everybody, but especially on the children. The SOS mothers are doing their best to comfort them.”Children from Gaza

We also run a Family Strengthening Programme in this area, supporting 3,000 people in their communities. Our work helps children to stay together with their parents despite the traumatic effects of ongoing conflict. We also run a small emergency medical unit in co-operation with the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Help children caught up in the conflict

We need your support to continue our work helping the children of Gaza, now and for the future. You can contribute to our work by taking out a child sponsorship.

Sponsor a child in the Palestinian Territories

A one-off donation will make a real difference to our work. 100% of donations made to our work in Palestinian Territories are used directly by our organisation to provide the best possible care for children growing up in the country and are not passed on to other groups.

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