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Couple raise £800 for SOS Children with wedding cake

Leee John with Nick and Frances on their wedding day
Leee John with Nick and Frances on their wedding day

Newlyweds Frances and Nick decided to support SOS Children on their wedding day by requesting donations from their guests in exchange for a slice of wedding cake. With the help of SOS supporter and ‘Imagination’ singer Leee John, they raised an impressive £800 for our work with vulnerable children.

Frances says: “Nick and I wanted to raise some money for charity at our wedding.  We had been to a wedding where donations were offered as an alternative to a wedding list and another at which money had been raised through a raffle. Nick's cousin had sold his wedding cake for Unicef, and we thought this was the most fun way of raising money and awareness for a charity, as everyone gets to be involved.

We had heard Leee John talk about SOS Children on many occasions, at his concerts and at events where we had met him with our friends. I had told him that we would like to sell our cake to our guests and donate the money to SOS Children.

We were thrilled Leee could join us for our special day. Many of our guests remembered his band ‘Imagination’ as a regular on Top of the Pops. Our friend Abbie had been nominated to talk about SOS Children and explain the cake sale to our guests, and Leee also did a short talk. We managed to raise approximately £800 for SOS Children and were delighted at the outcome.

We thought that our cake sale added to the occasion. Family and friends took a few moments to remember those in parts of the world where conditions are not so great and give a little something to help. We remember how fortunate we are to be living in Britain with all the opportunities we are given in everyday life.

We think that everyone should do this at their weddings - it's such a fun way to raise money and for everyone to get involved!

Donate in celebration

A special occasion is a fantastic opportunity to fundraise for charity. Whether it is an important birthday, your wedding day or anniversary, giving to charity in celebration is a perfect way to improve the lives of vulnerable children.

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