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Child Sponsorship Report 2012: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Child Sponsorship Report 2012: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A child sponsorship report from Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

SOS Children’s Village Sarajevo is visiting you again in your home to tell you news in its everyday life.

Although the winter is behind us, we want to cool you a little bit and write you about Olympic spirit in Sarajevo on February.

Sarajevo, back to 1984th, we all breathe for Olympic Winter Games. Everything is ready, prepared and there is no snow. But Sarajevo fairy-tale should happened, on the day of Olympics opening, snow was falling and falling…Then we start struggling with snow, cleaning the streets, preparing the trails for skiing. … Olympic Games in Sarajevo were to be remembered.

Sarajevo, February 2012th-it’s not Olympic time in Sarajevo, but we have the same situation; snowing for days. SOS Children’s Village is under the huge (1.20 m) snow cover. But it’s a wonderful picture. Everybody is out, children and adults are cleaning, making small roads from house to house, from house to trash buckets, from house to the village office. There is snowball fight too. Children’s cheeks are red and shine, their eyes glowing; they are doing the right stuff! When the job is done, they get into house to have a hot and tasty soup. Mmm, it smells delicious! This natural disaster made us closer; we are all together in one goal.

Children’s sport spirit continues. Children from SOS Children’s Villages Sarajevo and Gracanica were part of European Football Championship of Children from Care Homes in Poland in May! Almost 150 players from 17 teams representing children’s care homes from all over Europe competed at the Legia Warsaw stadium during the two-day tournament.

There were a lot of emotions, fierce clashes, desire to win and grief of the losing teams. Besides the sports competition, the kids from more than a dozen countries had a chance to meet one another. They went to the stadium and cheered the teams together. From the very first match it was Bosnia and Herzegovina who impressed everyone with their wise and efficient tactics. They proved the best team overall securing the first place in the group, with few problems though, but at the end they were eighth, which is not important. They were there and enjoyed!

SOS Children's Village Sarajevo