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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Xiengkhouang, Laos

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Xiengkhouang, Laos

A child sponsorship report from Xiengkhouang in Laos. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

As the mid year 2012 turns, we would like to express our grateful thanks for your continuous support to our SOS Children's Village Xiengkhouang. And we are very pleased to take this occasion to present the progress on the development of our village to you.

SOS Children’s Village Xiengkhouang, as the 3rd village of 6 in Laos, was established in the north of Laos and inaugurated in year 2000 . By your generous and continuous support, our SOS works has developed and could provide until now 179 children in need as the total beneficiaries in which 15 young boys and girls already integrated in the society with proud and could stand on their foot. 8 of them who got married, had their own family and own children; we become now as a grand father and grand mothers for them.

Hereby on behalf of SOS Children’s Village Xiengkhouang, allow us to express our deepest thanks for your generous contribution that the dream of our integrated children became true in past years.

At present 92 children are living in the village in which 3 siblings in age of 3,5,7 and one girl in age of 10 were just newly admitted into 2 family houses No 3 and 11. 20 young boys are staying with safety at youth house and 63 at different school dormitories. All of them are growing up in physical and mental state under the good care and the valuable dedication of their 12 SOS mothers and 7 aunties.

By your kind and continuous support and following in our annual plan, we will try to admit 24 children in need more for the full capacity of the village and the problems that we are facing at the moment are to find a job for them. 2 youth girls who are working in period of probation at one secondary school as a teacher and a secretary at one administration department in Xiengkhouang province will be departed in the mid- year 2012.

At the beginning of May 2012 our SOS Children’Village Xiengkhouang had a honor to be a host for a yearly refreshing workshop for the senior SOS mothers from 6 projects in order to exchange the experiences on child and youth care. Everyone was pleased and excited to welcome their SOS mothers coming from different projects in the whole country. All children decorated their family and kept the view of the whole village to become green, colorful and well-being.

The 8th March 2012 as the International Women’s Day was the meaning Day because it was a SOS Mother’s Day’ for all of our children in SOS Children’s Villages of Laos. On that day after finishing the SOS pray, the children from each family and from boarding school expressed their gratitude sign by presenting the small gifts for their village mother who dedicated most of their private life with love and warmest care for them. This celebration atmosphere became more important and dignified with participation of the local authorities.

Apart of this meaning and wonderful ceremony , there was a SOS Ring Award which reserved and dedicated for 9 SOS Mothers after having completed 10 years of services for our children in need with honorable presence from our President Mr Kutin, Mr Kaul and Mrs Thammavongsa, as Minister of labor and Social welfare and President SOS Committee Lao. Among 9 SOS mothers who received the SOS Ring Award , 2 ours from SOS Children’s Village Xiengkhouang who were very proud to be nominated on this valuable SOS Ring Award ceremony which was held in Vientiane city, followed by giving parcel present from their children to their beloved mothers. 3 programs entertainment performance on Lao folklore dance and playing Lao music instrument such wooden xylophone ,so-called in Lao language ‘Lanark’, leaded by our children from different projects and this honorable fest was ended by a funny familial dinner at the large grass center in SOS Children’s Village Vientiane.

SOS nursery runs smoothly with its full capacity for 126 kids in which 6 came from our village. 9 little boys and one little girl from very poor families who don’t have the conditions to attend to the nursery, receive the scholarship from our organization and they enjoy with pleasure to learn . Under the high responsibility of their nursery teachers, all kids enjoy learning, singing, drawing in according to the national curriculum from the Ministry of Education. Apart of the schooling, they received the health care by the immunization with a standard of national vaccinations and dentition surveillance.

Malnutrition program has opened since August 2011 and there are 38 kids in malnourished status received the close reanimation and rehabilitation and the close care from our aunties with high responsibility and patience. 26 of them were returned to their hometown in normal frame of weight and good mental status. Just right now 12 are still living in 2 special houses which were reserved for them.

Dear Sponsors, on behalf of all children, their village mothers and everyone here, allow us to send you our warmest regards and hearty thanks for your generous support which enables us to reach our goal. In this opportunity we would like to wish all of you a strong health, success in your works and prosperity reigning in your family.

SOS Children's Village Xiengkhouang