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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Temirtau, Kazakhstan

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Temirtau, Kazakhstan

A child sponsorship report from Temirtau in Kazakhstan. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor, 

Greetings from ‘SOS Children’s Villages Kazakhstan’!  It is very important for us to have people like you who help abandoned and needy children, children who demand our attention and care. We are very glad that despite of all difficulties and problems of everyday life you don’t forget about them. Thank you for being sensitive and concerned!

Now its time to share with you information about how we lived last six months. Many interesting and really important events happened in ‘SOS Children's Village Temirtau’.

One year ago a Program started functioning which unites several projects: ‘SOS Children's Village’ itself, ‘Family strengthening project’ and ‘Play bus - social center on wheels’. In July 2012 we plan to start ‘Center of family development’ that will support all beneficiaries of all projects; and in September 2012 we will launch ‘Educational project’ based in two local schools attended by village children and children of Family strengthening project.

‘SOS Children’s Village Temirtau’ (family-based care):

Now 62 children live in the village (34 boys and 28 girls). Since January 2012 two new children were admitted - a boy of 2 years old and a girl of 6 years old. Both children have successfully adapted in new families.

In February the training ‘Tolerance’ was carried out for all village children and teenagers by state department on child’s rights protection. Children in an interactive form and role-playing games were led up to the idea that ‘all people are different and unique and we need to listen to each other and try to find a compromise in controversial issues’.

The high-light of the winter was participation of our children in city festival ‘Sending-off the winter’. Boys and girls participated in various activities: tug of war, sack races, etc. They burned a symbolic image of winter on fire and after they got sweet prizes.

On March 11, a traditional mini-football tournament was held. The participants of the tournament were five teams of young football players at the age of 12-14 of Temirtau, Karaganda and Astana cities. Participation in these tournaments helps young athletes to develop team spirit, know the joy of victory, and establish friendship with peers. Also players of Temirtau football master team ‘Bulat’ visited family houses where boys - football funs live. Live communication aroused interest and further maintaining of friendly relations between children and adults.

In frames of educational support individual classes for 6-years old children are held three times a week to prepare them for school. Twice a week individual classes for children of primary school in order to develop the cognitive processes are conducted. During the year different trainings for young people - candidates for the second Youth home are held.

Family strengthening project:

On February 14, 2012 the project celebrated its fifth anniversary. From 2007 to 2012 645 families with 1290 children participated in the project; 147 families with 290 children of them have already achieved self-sufficiency.

During reporting period project beneficiaries were provided with various kinds of support:

  • support for schoolchildren who have no access to educational services;
  • health support for children and parents living with HIV/AIDS;
  • social support for parents by consulting on social issues, developing of skills to defend their rights in state organizations, documenting;
  • psychological support in groups and individual consulting;
  • trainings on searching the job and other stable sources of income;
  • legal support;
  • material support - food packages, sanitary-hygiene packages and second hand clothes and shoes;
  • holiday events in cooperation with partners, visiting of theatres, cinemas, sports activities, etc.; 
  • work with volunteers: six persons - project beneficiaries who have no experience of social work but they have living experience and wish to help other people.

At the end we would like to underline once again that without your generous support all above-mentioned activities towards children would not be possible at all. Therefore, on behalf of all SOS children, SOS mothers, personnel, beneficiaries of other projects, accept please our sincere gratitude.

SOS Children's Village Temirtau