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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Rutana, Burundi

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Rutana, Burundi

A child sponsorship report from Rutana in Burundi. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

Yet again, we snatch at this opportunity to update you on the major happenings of our SOS Children’s Village Rutana during this first semester of 2012. We extend to you our heartfelt greetings and we are most grateful for the concern and dedication that you always show us. 

The socioeconomic situation of the country did not change during this first semester. Staple commodities hardly stabilized following the climatic disturbances being experienced by the region on one hand and the socioeconomic situation of our country on the other hand. By way of example, the price of a kilo of bean shifted from BIF 700 to BIF 1,200 and that of rice from BIF 1,500 to BIF 2,000 whereas sugar is scarce but its cost finally stabilized to BIF 1,500 a kg.

With regard to the number of children and youths, the Village currently counts 113 children/youths following the family reunification of a youth from the Village.  Concerning school distribution, two children are not school-aged, 20 are attending the SOS Nursery, 73 are enrolled in the SOS primary school and 17 are attending secondary education.    

At the end of the second term 2011-2012, scholastic achievement of children/youths are generally satisfactory. In primary school, children passed with a success rate of 93.15% and an average success rate of 70.3%.

Note that there is a very high rate of failures among youths who are attending commune colleges. For the latter, coaching strategies are set up among others tutoring sessions according to difficulties met for each case.

With regard to blossoming, 16 field trips of SOS families (family houses and Youth Facilities) continued either in Rutana province, Bururi and Makamba. 

Speaking about integration of youth in the surrounding community, youths from Youth homes actively contributed in the achievement of community works organized by the local administration.  

As for children and youth care during Easter holidays, basketball matches were played between SOS children and youths and those from the community on one hand and the SOS staff on the other hand.   

In the field of SOS youth sex education, training sessions in themes: ‘behavior changing techniques, love and sexuality, knowledge on HIV/AIDS and STD (Sexually transmitted Diseases and the MST’ were organized. At the end of the training, a committee made of youths and youth leaders was established. This committee will be in charge of setting up a framework for ongoing exchanges on sex and HIV/AIDS issues.   

Speaking about educational institutions, 81 children of whom 20 SOS children are getting a financial support from the Family Strengthening Program are provided in nursery an awakening education based on intellectual development, socio emotional, moral and psychomotor.

As part of diversifying teaching aid, educators progressively practice the production of this teaching aid which serve as educational support in conducting activities and decoration of classroom walls. 

In primary school, the school population stands at 213 pupils of whom 73 SOS children and 6 are receiving financial support from the Family Strengthening program. In order to improve pupils’ performance, a workshop was held with a view to identify factors of academic failure. At the end of this workshop, factors linked to the child himself, to the teacher, to the family and social environment were raised and possible solutions considered. Therefore, the overall success rate at the end of this second term was 95.7% thanks to the implementation strategies established.

As far as extra-curricular activities are concerned: ‘’World knowledge’’ contests were internally organized and prizes were awarded to the competitors.   
Speaking about health sector, the Medical Center registers 3,928 medical examinations and 1,180 samples belonging to 733 patients were tested in laboratory.  Likewise, the Medical Center already records more than 56% of samples tested in 2011.    

The Family Strengthening Program is supporting 350 OVCs (Orphan and other Vulnerable Children) divided up in 91beneficiary families. Among the latter, a nutritional support was received by 10 families most needy by the fact that the health state does not allow any autonomy. As far as health is concerned, 108 OVCs and 18 guardians received health care during this period.  Educationally, 238 OVCs are attending school of whom 187 in primary, 51 in secondary and 13 in early childhood education including 9 in nursery. 

With a view to empower beneficiary families, bean seeds were distributed to 89 families and 2 youths supported in the vocational training graduated in mechanics. At the community level 7 awareness sessions on community-based management of OVCs were carried out and a community network was set up.     

Generally speaking, children and youths as well as Rutana SOS co-workers are satisfactorily thriving and well integrating in the surrounding community.

SOS Children's Village Rutana