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SOS Children's Villages has had a village in Maseru since 2003, and a second in Quithing is under construction. SOS Children's Villages also has projects supporting more than a thousand AIDS affected children and their families, providing voluntary counselling and testing and where appropriate anti-retroviral drugs. … more about our charity work in Lesotho

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Quthing, Lesotho

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Quthing, Lesotho

A child sponsorship report from Quthing in Lesotho. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

It is with great pleasure once again to let you know how the SOS Children’s Village Quthing is progressing. Our three facilities which include Family Based Care (FBC), Nursery and Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) still work hard to improve the service to children under our care. 

The number of children in the village has increased from 51 to 84 since 2011 up to present time in 2012.  This number increased from 51 to 84 when 26 and six additional children were admitted in December 2011 and last one in January 2012 respectively. Out of these 84 children, 40 are boys and 44 are girls. Their ages range from a year to fifteen years.  All children are now happily living and feeling at home with their SOS mothers. There are nine operating homes of 12 family houses.  Efforts are underway to admit more children so that the village in Quthing runs at full capacity of 120 children by June 2012.

The village keeps on ensuring that all children have access to education.  Sixty-seven children are at primary education level, 11 in Nursery and 3 in their first year of secondary education level.

SOS mothers continue to support children in their academic work during home-based evening study time. More short term courses like Jolly Phonics training were held for mothers in order to provide them with reading and writing skills aimed at helping children with their learning.  There is also a cultural dance club in the village which comprises children from the neighbouring community. In this way the SOS children are gradually becoming part of the neighbouring community. Some of which have friends from the community and they visit each other.

On the 16th January 2012, the Nursery re-opened from Christmas holidays with an increased roll of 60 children. Eleven children are from the village, four from FSP and 46 from the neighbouring community. Two community children dropped out of school as their parents transferred from Quthing to Maseru, leaving the facility with the total number of 59 children after admitting a new child on 5th March.

To date, FSP in Quthing has 313 children participants of which 113 are girls and 128 are boys. The present number of children has declined from 315 children to 252 after 63 children were exited from FSP in early 2012. Reasons for exiting some of the children from the programme include children relocation from their home places, over-aged and out-of-school children, and improved capacity of some families to cater for them. Recently in 2012, 61 children were admitted into FSP increasing the number to 313.

Forty-five children received school shoes from the programme and were enrolled into primary and secondary schools. Forty-two children were supported with payments education fees in 2012.  FSP staff also facilitated four meetings between volunteers and outgoing six high school youths who completed COSC in 2011 in order to provide career guidance and counseling to the concerned youths. 

The SOS Children’s Village Quthing is thankful for your continuing support to make children’s lives better and live in their loving homes.

SOS Children's Village Quthing