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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Maputo, Mozambique

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Maputo, Mozambique

A child sponsorship report from Maputo in Mozambique. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

Summer is almost gone; the days are cold and short and they start while the sky is still quite dark; we are entering the winter season in Mozambique. Our reason of happiness is to see the seasons coming and going, but you are always with us. That is the reason why we thank you very much for each and every support from you given towards these children living in this SOS Children’s Village Maputo, children who really need. Fortunately this semester children, SOS mothers and other coworkers of this village did not suffer from serious diseases; flu, fever and some headache is all that some children have experienced so far

The village’s physical structure continues the same. There are 15 family houses, 1 main office, 1 guests’ house, the female youth home, the nursery, the SOS Primary and Secondary School, the Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) and the Village Director’s house.

218 children and young people are under the care of this SOS Children’s village Maputo. This number is composed by 152 children living in 15 family houses inside the village, 23 youths (girls) living in the Youth homes inside the village and other 43 youths (boys) who live in rented houses within community which works as Male Youth homes.

The children in the family houses are 24 hours per day under the guidance and care of a social mother, and for houses that have very young children or babies there is also aunt who helps the mother on the day to day activities of the family house. Many of these children attend the SOS Primary and Secondary School, but others are attending Universities and Vocational Training Courses.

These children and young people are aware that their main assignment is schooling, but, even so they have the right of having fun and practicing sports and culture. These are things that fortunately many of them like so much. That is why they have participated in many events, inside the village and at the community that the village is integrated into.

The other thing they enjoy doing is to go out on groups, to the cinema, theatre or to visit places of interest they do not know. The memorable outing of the semester was the visit that children and youths paid to Maputo’s fortress. This visit coincided with a Photography Exhibition called “Filhos da Lua – Sons of Moon (in English)”.

The photos of the exhibition were all of people with problems of pigmentations (albinos) and the main target of the exhibition was to teach people not to discriminate those ones. Many of them said to have enjoyed it so much because they learnt a lot with the exhibition.

The SOS Primary and Secondary School is still playing very well its role of educating and preparing pupils to attend Universities and succeed in their life. The pupils of this school attend from grade 1 to grade 12. These are pupils from this SOS village and from everywhere at Maputo Province. Apart from the curricular subjects, these pupils also have extra-curricular lessons, in which they can learn about the professions and decide which to follow.

We also have the SOS nursery. Here is where children from 3 to 5 years old are prepared to attend proper school (primary school) with no problems. It is also a very popular nursery, this because of the quality of education, security and care that it offers to its pupils. This nursery is also very popular and its vacancies are always fewer than the demand.

The Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) is the way that SOS found to make our support reach to those children who are also in need but cannot be sheltered at this SOS Village. Not only children but also whole families are beneficiaries of the FSP.

Thank you very much!

SOS Children's Village Maputo