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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Makeni, Sierra Leone

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Makeni, Sierra Leone

A child sponsorship report from Makeni in Sierra Leone. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

Summer is here again and we want to extend our thanks for your commitment in helping the children in this facility; we deeply appreciate the willingness with which you have continued to sponsor this facility and make it a happier place to live in.

SOS Children's Village Makeni

During the period under review, Children’s Village, Makeni has a total number of 108 Children, 59 boys, 49 girls.  As at now 105 of the 108 children have been admitted into formal schooling. Thirty seven are in the SOS Nursery, sixty six, at the SOS Primary School, Makeni and two in Junior Secondary School at the Every Nation Academy and three have not yet reached the age for school.

SOS children actively participated in the 4th Annual Sports meeting for SOS Primary School that was held in March, 2012. They also participated in social activities like football matches, indoor games and more. These indoor and outdoor activities play a major role in the growth and development of the children.

Presently there is political stability and the socio-economic situation in the country is gradually improving as there is tremendous improvement in the road networks; main streets in Makeni town are under rehabilitation, street poles and transformers are erected in almost all the streets in Makeni town and its environs. There is vast improvement in electricity and water supply. Despite these developments, Makeni town has a huge number of children at the risk of loosing parental care. This is due to the influx of people especially young men and women into mining areas seeking employment in the big companies like African Minerals, London Mining and Addax Bio-energy Company.

SOS Children's Village, Makeni reached out to the Mankeneh and the Makama communities during emergencies providing first aid treatment and help convey sickly patients and pregnant women to the Regional hospital at Makama.  The Village continues to have strong partnership with other child protection agencies, such as the Ministry of Social Welfare, Help A Needy Child International(HANCI), Child Fund Defense for Children International to name but a few. They interacted in various social and educative activities with the above agencies.  In a bid to strengthen eventual integration into the Makama community, a football match was organized with a primary school in Makama, collaborated and partnered with the Regional Government Hospital, Makama in Makeni.

The Easter celebrations included exchange visits, mountain climbing, hiking, a tour to historical places and birthday parties. These activities helped develop and improve social interaction of children. On the 6th and 7th April, all 108 children in the village were part of a retreat organized by the Deeper Life Bible Ministry held at the Makeni Comprehensive Academy.

To commemorate the country’s 51st Independence Day on April 27th, all SOS Children, Mothers and the Village Director went on a trip to Binkolo. They were opportune to meet with other community children.

SOS Nursery Makeni

In December, 2011, the SOS Nursery observed Christmas day with prayers and thanksgiving. The Assistant Village Director for SOS Children's Village Makeni was the chairman of the programme. Speeches were made by key invitees including the Village Director, Makeni who spoke on key issues like education, law and use of public property. He elaborated on the fact that education is the right of the children and they must realize its importance and encouraged them to study hard. The pupils recited memory verses from the bible and acted a short skit titled “The birth of Jesus” which ended with  Christmas carols.

The inter-house sports also formed part of key activities under taken; the sport meeting was held in March 2012 in combination with the SOS primary school. Certificates were awarded to children who won races and trophies were also given to the best house which was Sabasco house (Green).

SOS Primary School Makeni

The SOS Primary school held its inter-house sports meeting in March 2012. Pupils of the school were assigned to four different houses. Sabasco house (Green) emerged as the winner with 292 points. Certificates were awarded to some pupils and trophies were given to the house with the highest points and best behaved house. A variety show was also held.  The children were as excited as they had lots of games to play and their friends were also part of the variety show.

On behalf of the Sponsorship department, I want to extend thanks and appreciation for your commitment in helping this facility; we deeply appreciate the willingness with which you have continued to sponsor our efforts to make this facility comfortable for the children to live in.

SOS Children's Village Makeni