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Child Sponsorship Report 2012 from Kisumu, Kenya

Child Sponsorship Report 2012 from Kisumu, Kenya

A child sponsorship report from Kisumu in Kenya. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear Sponsor,

In this beautiful year, we are delighted to have yet another opportunity to update you about SOS Children’s Village Kisumu. Everybody in the village is well and in good health. We do hope you are well too! This first half of the year has had many activities take place which have kept everyone busy yet excited.

Visit by Her Excellency

It was an honour for the village to have been visited by Her Excellency Dr. Ida Odinga – the Prime Minister’s wife. She expressed deep satisfaction that an idea that had been introduced years ago had developed so rapidly and had come to fruition. She thanked SOS Children’s Villages for the wonderful work the organization does in support of orphaned and vulnerable children across the country. Her Excellency had a special message for SOS mothers and SOS children: To mothers, she pointed out that she was in awe of the compassion and selflessness that enables them to dedicate their lives to serving SOS Children’s Villages. To the children, Her Excellency reminded them that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to access quality shelter, education, medical care and much more. She urged them to seize the opportunity. She also called on all stakeholders (government representatives, the Mayor of Kisumu, members of the local community) to support this new facility.

Village Capacity

The village has admitted 71 children and they have adjusted very well to the new environment.  They are excited to be in a new home with brothers and sisters.

Friends of the Village

Kibos Sugar Company becomes the first company in the area to get interested with the work of SOS Children’s Village.  As their Corporate Social Responsibility they would like to become friends of the village. In the course of the quarter, they donated cash money and sugar to the village. This was an opportunity for the company to put a smile on the faces of the children.

Academic performance

The children, promising more than ever, have done their best to live a cut above their contemporaries by doing their studies diligently and participating in extra-curricular activities exemplarily. Those who were promoted to their new classes have been able to settle quickly and apply themselves keenly to their study. The weaker children were not left behind; tuition was conducted for them and their performance has also improved. They have also shown the highest levels of knowledge, skills and understanding in their written work and in their learning.

Family Strengthening Programme

The Family Strengthening Progamme has been providing direct support services to its beneficiaries to strengthen their capacities and help them form partnerships to realize the program objectives. They have been able to maintain their social units by providing program interventions that facilitate development, support building blocks that anchor health, educate the populace, create employment and spur entrepreneurial activities. So far they are supporting 328 families and 1025 children.

Official Opening of the Village

The climax of the first half of the year was the official opening of the SOS Children’s Village which began with a total of 67 children. It comprises of 15 family houses, an administration block, a guest house, a village director’s house and the nursery.

In conclusion, we thank you for making our work enjoyable and we wish you a beautiful season.

SOS Children's Village Kisumu