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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Kaifeng, China

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Kaifeng, China

A child sponsorship report from Kaifeng in China. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

It is June again, and it is very hot here in Kaifeng. I hope this letter could bring you some ice feeling in the hottest season of the year!

This is the hot season for the year and also the hot season for sports games. The European Championships are live, many of our village boys are burning mid-night oil during weekends to watch the games while still talking about the games during dinner time. Luckily, the London Olympics will be during summer vacation, and we have been waiting 4 years to watch another one since 2008. Since most of our sponsors are from Europe, I guess some of you might go to London to experience the games in person. We hope you have good time, and this letter may bring you some gentle breeze to you in this hot season.

The SOS Children’s Village

Chinese New Year is always a big event in our village, and this year’s Chinese New Year party is bustling with noise and excitement as always. 2 of our primary school children are the host and hostess. Our traditional orchestra played 2 compositions to us, which opened our party. The programs on the party are in various styles: duet, magic, modern drama, etc. We also invited all our children to take part in the party by giving our candies by figuring our riddles. After the party, all the families elected out the first, second and third award. And we rewarded the final winners. We had a full night with everyone smile on his face.

All our children are growing happily and with great progress. On the International Women’s Day, we held a painting competition between families, encouraging our children to draw their family stories and tell the stories on the stage. After that, they give their painting to their mothers. This competition is very inspiration and warm, some mothers were so moved that they were all in tears. Through this event, our children are more grateful to their current life and pay more respect to their mothers.

Children’s Day is another big festival for our children, and this year we held an activity by the yellow river. The first part is questions and answer related to The Yellow River knowledge. The competition was so intense that every question was quickly and well answered. And the second part is also children’s favorite—picnic. After the picnic, we have cleaned the area thoroughly. Like our director Li said: except our footprint and beautiful memory, we left nothing.

We have received great attention from officials, companies and the whole society this year, and more people concerns us and children in our village. We have added more than 10 local sponsors in the first 6 months. During the Children’s Day season, many people came to visit and donate items to us.

SOS Youth House

By June 2012, there are 30 youngsters in our home, including 13 college students, 5 technical school students, and 13 middle school students. We have added one auntie in the youth house to help the daily life of the boys, and their dorms are much cleaner than before. One of them has taken part in the college entrance examination and has been admitted by a college. 3 of them has take part in the entrance examination for high school, we wish them good grades!

SOS Nursery

There are 290 children in the nursery including 3 from our village. Because of the good reputation, the nursery attracted more families to send children to us. The nursery is also held different activities to strengthen the parents and children relations, and received great result.

This year, economy in Europe is not good as we learn that again and again on TV news, we are so worrying about the funding for keeping our village and our 140 children. But we still have enough funds to run. That is all because of you great sponsors for making our existence possible everyday!

Kind regards to your and your family!

SOS Children's Village Kaifeng