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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Hai Phong, Vietnam

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Hai Phong, Vietnam

A child sponsorship report from Hai Phong in Vietnam. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear Sponsors,

We hope this letter finds you in good health and good spirits. Summer has arrived with a lot of warm sunshine in a cloudless sky. Our children have fulfilled their studies for the school year 2011-2012. They can forget about their schoolwork to enjoy their summer holiday. We would like to take this opportunity to write to you about the development of SOS Children’s Village Hai Phong in the first half of 2012.

Situation of studies

Like other parents, we always know that without education, our children will meet difficulty in the future. So by various methods, we helped our children to progress with their studies. Many of them did very well at school, always get good result. Some others, despite their poor intelligence, tried their best and caught up with their classmates. However, 5 of 138 school children must learn in summer time due to the poor school report. 3 children who were not able to follow their classmates to learn in the senior secondary school, they learn for a job right after finishing the junior secondary school after asking for advice from their mothers and educational staffs. No matter what the summer comes and we again give them the nice summer holidays as they are deserving of enjoy at their school age.

They are all off school for their summer holiday now except the students who are burning the midnight oil for coming entrance university examination. From 2003, the year that we had children graduating from school up to now, more or less every year we have children who sit for entrance university examination and pass the exam to study in university and college. We have 8 children who graduate from secondary school this year, 3 of them will take part in the entrance university examinations, the other 5 ones have decided to learn for a job at vocational schools. 

The time of 22 professional adolescents is full engaged with ending year examinations and tests before having summer vacation now. Some of them are even more hurried for their university finals. They are ready to say goodbye to lecture theater that they have a strong attachment for some years in order to enter the quite new environment where they will earn living by themselves.

Internal and external activities

Education is important, but this doesn’t mean that our children have to study all the time. Every afternoon, after school time, the playground of the village is animated by the laugh and amusement of children. Football, badminton, riding bicycle, flying a kite or free playing are the most popular games that children love to do.

Summer vacation comes, any children feel elated with relaxing, playing the favorite games or even staying in bed late without worrying about coming school late or having much time for their hobby. They visit their native village and take part in colorful activities at the village as well. Each activity gives them the different experiences; it is the same with the time that they join in.

Besides the achievement at the village, we have no choice but mention to the support of volunteer students who come from universities and colleges in Haiphong. They not only support children in learning, they also organize inside activities with participating of the numerous children on festival days of our country, and also outside activities such as camping, visiting leprosarium. These activities are often received the enthusiasm participation from children.

Besides summer vacations, children have one more long holiday, it is New Year holiday. Mothers and children often visit their native villages, go to pagodas, go to markets or cook some special dishes, they all do things altogether. From the daily chores, the mothers often teach their children to arrange the domestic chores reasonably and children are often eager to learn some more knowledge apart from books.

With the support of Army postal company, football club had friendly matches with 2 other SOS Villages and some patronize centers in Son Tay – Hanoi where was 200 km far from our village in April. All footballers were very excited when having new experiences both in playing football and in everyday life. It was the first long trip to all of them. They had not only football matches but also exchange with friends so more or less; the trip gave them the good and nice memories.

Youth house for boys

There are dozens of activities that children love to do in summer time, playing sport games and visiting their relations or working to earn some pocket money for their future use. Some recent years, all teenagers in the Youth house went to work in their summer vacation. Some ones worked in the electronic fan enterprise, others worked in the shoes company, and some others served in the restaurants. They all felt restrained at the first time due to not being familiar with working as well as working disciplines. It was understandable; they were not adult yet. Luckily, they all received the admonition minutely and sympathize from the staffs and leaders of the places where they worked. Of course, they not only work all their summer vacation, but also spend some days with their relations, participate in activities at school and relax.

Grown-up Adolescent

Up to now, 92 adolescents who left our village at the age of mature, 50 of them get married. Many of them chose to celebrate their weddings at the village where their childhood memories marked every corner as well as gave them the good life, good education with mother’s love, brotherhood and the real warm roof. Moreover, they found no place more meaningful than the village for them to celebrate the importance day of their life. Their wedding parties always took place in the warm and courteous atmosphere with participant of mothers, aunts and co-workers as well as small children at the village.

Dear Friends, on behalf of all children, mothers  and staff members in the SOS-Children's Village Hai Phong, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your precious help and support for our SOS Children’s Village and our children as well. Thank you for saving time and money to finance us, to send us and your sponsored children e-mails and letters together with your love, interest, advice, praise, suggestions and words of support. Wishing you and the people you love a warm and sunny summer.

SOS Children's Village Hai Phong