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Over two thirds of Nigerians live in poverty. For many children, life is extremely difficult and their life chances limited. In four key locations, we provide a home, a family and opportunities so that the most disadvantaged can enjoy a happy childhood and success in adult life. … more about our charity work in Nigeria

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Gwagwalada, Nigeria

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Gwagwalada, Nigeria

A child sponsorship report from Gwagwalada in Nigeria. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

It is with great pleasure that we write you again from SOS Children’s Village Gwagwalada. We appreciate your continuous support which has made our village a safe haven for children in need both in the community and its environs.

The country has experienced democratic rule for continuous thirteen years now but the dividends of democracy such as employment, stable power supply, quality medical care, food and security remains elusive.  We now have 104 children (male 49 and female 55) in our care.

Some of our children participated in an excursion organized by SOS Primary School Gwagwalada to the National Assembly and the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) respectively. It was a great opportunity for the children to observe proceedings at the National Assembly and to see some of the parliamentarians they had seen on the television. Those of them who are members of the school press club were happy to be taken round NTA studios where they were shown broadcast equipment. They also had the opportunity of meeting some newscasters.

We are also glad to inform you that our children are making giants strides in sports. In a recent sports fiesta with community schools; they won the tug of war, fill in the bottle events and took 2nd positions in football match and sack race.  Meanwhile, a part time basketball coach has been engaged to train some of the our children on Saturdays.

The village had continued to strengthen the capacity of all stakeholders. SOS mothers had a retreat with their counterparts from SOS Children’s Village Jos. The objective was to help them in sharing experience and acquisition of new skills that would impact positively in their capacity to discharge their roles. For children between ages 7-11, Life skills and counselling sessions were organized for them to build right values and attitude to life. Child Protection, Reporting Writing, Gifts and Visitors Management trainings were also facilitated by our National Office for the benefit of co-workers.

Our Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) presently has 200 beneficiaries receiving different support such as food support, clothing, education etc. During the period under review, it reached out to two more communities through medical outreach and sensitization workshops meant to raise awareness of the services available in SOS Children’s Village Medical Centre.

The FSP Care-Givers Cooperative Society activities were boosted with a piece of land donated to enable members start a rice processing mill. Meanwhile, ten families have started benefiting from FSP revolving loan. The loan which was granted after availing beneficiaries of financial management training was meant to help build their capacity for financial independence.

We are also pleased to inform you that during the period under review the social centre and medical centre were aligned with a view to making its services more accessible to members of the community. Presently, the centre has increased its skill acquisition training to include making of body spray, petroleum jelly, detergent, air freshener and insecticides. Although, 10 adults are presently taking part in the training, more people from the community had already indicated interest to participate.

Our Primary School had been extended to include basic 7 to 9 classrooms. This would cater for Junior Secondary School Education of our children and those in nearby communities.

With the borehole donated to us by a corporate last year, water challenge has reduced but we still need a water treatment plant to make the water drinkable. Once this is done, it would free resources that we presently use to buy water from commercial water vendors.

We sincerely appreciate your partnership in our work. It is our hope that with your continuous support we can reach-out to more children in need of care and protection.

SOS Children's Village Gwagwalada