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Following the outbreak of the civil war in 1994, SOS Children's Villages set up an emergency home for abadoned and orphaned children in Ngarama, together with a feeding centre for refugee mothers and children … more about our charity work in Rwanda

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Gikongoro, Rwanda

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Gikongoro, Rwanda

A child sponsorship report from Gikongoro in Rwanda. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

We are very pleased to send to you the report of news and developments of SOS Children’s Village Gikongoro / Rwanda.

At the beginning of the year, the national statistics service released preliminary information on the property for the population. The results confirm those who were known, our District occupies almost the last places on almost all indicators of a total of 30 Districts. We can only rejoice that the figures have improved compared the past years.

This year, the SOS Village hosted in total, 20 children including 8 girls and 12 boys. They are orphans, abandoned or semi-orphans. They were admitted to the Village with problems such as malnutrition, developmental delay, and egocentric, etc... For their integration, a series of measures are taken.  A team of the health Centre in Kigali (the doctor and the laboratory) travelled to SOS Children’s Village Gikongoro and performed reviews of children health status. Thus, they recommended for some treatments and other special regimes for a quick recovery of these children.

He also transferred 18 grown up children in the youth homes and reunited two. For one, his mother had completed his prison sentence and the other child, his father got remarried and requested to stay with his child.

SOS mothers have initiated a weekly program of gymtonic in order to have good health.

Our girls from the primary six received a national immunization programme against cervix cancer. It is at the level of the Village infirmary that this vaccine was given to these girls and other girls from the surrounding area.

An aunt was recruited this year to replace the other aunt who resigned from her SOS duties. She received initial training and she was recruited and she sufficiently mature to be able to replace the SOS mother in case of absence of the SOS mothers. 4 former SOS mothers have completed their formal training on various topics concerning the support of the child.

A team of a company of Telecommunication called CYBERCOM when they visited the SOS in the evening; they gave to SOS Children in various plays toys like whistles and different forms of the toys of the soap bubbles to launch into the air, balloons, etc... It can be said that they are real specialists in communication and entertainment of children.

As already said, youth homes have allowed 18 grown up children including 13 girls and 5 boys. This year, the transfer of youths corresponded to the promotion of these grown up children from primary school to senior secondary school. The SOS youth’s home type 1 currently has 82 youth primarily attending their professional courses or studying in the senior secondary while SOS youth’s home type 11 has 28 mainly who attend their university and higher professional education. 7 youth sat for the end of the senior secondary school in various options like hotels and tourism, accounting, electricity, Secretariat... Some of them will be admitted to the university education and those whose results are low will have a year to prepare for their emancipation. 4 youth who terminated their ordinary Level, were admitted to the high schools.

4 youth participated in ICT training organized by the Rwanda Development Board for young people from the local community. They were trained in Microsoft programs like as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, etc...

The family strengthening programme functions well. 143 families are currently assisted; they support 129 girls and 121 boys. These children are mainly at the school. 104 attend the primary education, 112 students of the beneficiaries attend the senior secondary school, 24 kids attend the nursery and 4 children study in professional training institutions. The school results of the beneficiaries is really promising and appreciated.

This year, two beneficiaries of the Family Strengthening program were able to successfully pass the driver's license test. This then opens the door to him to be able to get a job as driver which is paying compared to other many jobs. And for orderly and disciplined people, there are always jobs either permanent or part-time.

In collaboration with neighboring Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), two beneficiaries of the program have obtained accommodation. The SOS family strengthening program elevated the walls and the NGO provided iron sheets, doors and Windows.

Our SOS nursery currently has 85 children, including 26 of the Village, 15 from the family strengthening programme and 44 from the surrounding community and the performing well. We have a big number of requests for admission to the SOS nursery by the parents by the total number of kids is limited to 85.

The aforementioned dentists without borders team visited the primary school and after a session of awareness of hygiene, they distributed dental equipment of hygiene like toothbrushes and toothpaste to all 56 pupils of primary six who will soon sit for the primary Leaving examinations.

Our primary school students contributed an amount resulting to a hundred United States dollars (100 $) to the construction of the classes of senior secondary schools. For the leisure time of the pupils, our school delivered a friendly match with the neighboring school which is situated in a short distance from our school.

SOS Children's Village Gikongoro