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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Da Nang, Vietnam

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Da Nang, Vietnam

A child sponsorship report from Da Nang in Vietnam. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear Sponsors,

Summer has come again and the sun shines brightly in a cloudless sky. Our children have fulfilled their studies for the school year 2011/2012. We would like take this opportunity to write  to you some information and development of the SOS Children’s Village Da Nang with great pleasure over the first half of year 2012.  Sharing with you some interesting news about our SOS Children’s Village Da Nang that you have supported over many years is always our great happiness. 

A Loving Home for many children

Running twenty years, SOS-Children's Village Da Nang has become a warm and happy family for  hundreds of orphaned children. The first children have now become students in colleges and universities. Most of these children have finished their professional courses and gone to work. Many of them have got married and got their small family of their own. They are able to stand in their own feet step by step. At the village, the smaller children can help their mothers so much in doing housework and in guiding newly admitted children to integrate themselves to the peace environment of new SOS family. At present we are caring and managing 225 children, among that 135 children are living in the sixteen family houses, 35 youngsters are in the youth house and 55 children are studying at professional courses and being in the first three years of going work at different places of our country.

Tet celebration

Lunar New Year celebration (locally called TET) is the biggest festival of our country. The village staff and mothers have always tried to help children have a happy TET. On the TET days, children were very happy to decorate their houses, dress new clothes, enjoy traditional food and amuse at will. Different from the previous years, all the children were taken to their regional families to spend one-week Tet holidays after many years living in the SOS village.  A warm and merry meeting was held in the attendance of the whole village members and the children’s relatives on the day before Tet celebration fieve days. We gathered at the village garden to say goodbye and seing again to our children, wished them to have a great time with their relatives in their home town. One week later, we happily received our children who were safely back to the SOS village saw their shining eyes when meeting the SOS mothers again.

Academic performance

Education is always a very important matter in each country all over the world. In Vietnam, parents have their special interest in their children’s study. We know that without education, our children can do nothing. By taking various methods, we have helped our children make more progress in their study. Many of them did very well at school, always got good results. Some others still tried their best and caught up with their classmates despite their weakness. With the whole-hearted help of SOS mothers and the patient tutoring from teachers, our children are now more concentrating in learning and have improvements.  Many children at the average level in the previous years have recently got good results. However, they have to try more in their study, especially the newly admitted children.

We are happy to tell you that our school children have ranked first their accomplishment in the academic year 2011-2012. All of them passed the final check-ups of the academic year and promoted to  higher grades. Besides, some of them won prizes in the city and district competitions for excellent students or got various kinds of scholarships. This year, our eight children take part in the graduation examination of high senior school in June, and then the university entrance examination in July.

Family Strengthening Programme

So far the Family Strengthening Programme has been put into operation for 7 years and 355 children in 7 districts of Danang city and 6 locations of Quangnam province have enjoyed this programme. Most of the beneficiaries have made lots of progress in learning after receiving the financial support from the programme. Many of them have been good and fairly good students for many continuous years. Many of them encounter a lot of difficulties in their life but try their best to get good learning result. It has prevented children from dropping out of school because of poverty and death of their parents. The programme has helped children continue their study. Most of the children enjoyed the programme have worked very hard at school and have made much It has made the parents more responsible for encouraging their children to go to school. After the programme has been materialised, its impact and effectiveness to local community has been highly appreciated by SOS Children International.

Vocational Training Centre    

In addition to caring and managing children in projects of SOS Children’s Village Danang, there has been a new programme of supporting the adolescents come from poor families children. It’s the vocational training centre put into operation since December 2010. Trainees are from difficult background families, wishing but not being able to afford a vocation to earn their own living and give support to their families. The trainees have to learn four vocations: electrical technique, plumbing, mechanics, and carpentry within 12 months. Being provided accommodation, free meals and a sum of monthly allowance, the twelve-month course has brought the adequate support to more than fifteen adolescents per year.  Most of the children enjoyed the programme have worked very hard and have made much progress. All of twelve graduates from the first course have found a job with stable wages.

SOS Nursery

The village nursery has been carrying out its duties in a very proficiently status. On the purpose of helping and supporting the surrounding community, the enrolment of children always shows the effective way and meets their parents’ need. This academic year 2011-2012, the SOS Nursery has an enrolment of 190 children in the age between three and five.  The rooms are spacious and ventilated, so the teachers have enough conditions to create interesting and attractive lessons to children. The nursery is located on a place full of fresh air, green trees, nice flowers, so the children have good opportunities of  taking part in outdoor activities, discovering the nature and enhancing their basic environment knowledge. The teachers often improve their skills and teaching methods, make new teaching aids,  simple but colourful materials, so that they could attract children’s attention to daily lessons. Therefore, the quality of caring and teaching children has certainly been upgraded better and better.

All the information referred above is a summary of main activities and news of the SOS Children’s Villages Da Nang during the first half of 2012. Once again, we would like to express our deep thanks for what you have done for our children over the years. We do hope that you continue to help us in the years to come. All the children join me in wishing you and your family a wonderful summer.

SOS Children's Village Da Nang