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With 80% of its population living in poverty and life expectancy as low as 48, growing up is tough in Sierra Leone. In Freetown, Makeni and Bo, we provide the most vulnerable children with the opportunities they need to flourish, from education and healthcare to a loving family. … more about our charity work in Sierra Leone

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Bo, Sierra Leone

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Bo, Sierra Leone

A child sponsorship report from Bo in Sierra Leone. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

Summer is here again and we want to extend our thanks for your commitment in helping the children in this facility; we deeply appreciate the willingness with which you have continued to sponsor this facility and make it a happier place to live in.

SOS Children's Village Bo

SOS Children’s Village, Bo presently has a total number of thirteen family houses, with 130 children, 66 boys and 64 girls, living happily in these Houses.  There has been significant improvement in the area of children and youth academic performance in school. The first and second assessment grades and also terminal assessment were very encouraging. The school assessment reports shows that children from the children’s village performed better in their first and second term examinations, about 85% of them passed their second term examination.

The village continues to seek and facilitate the welfare of its children in getting quality education and upbringing, through partnerships with other child welfare organizations, local and non-governmental organizations. To ensure collaboration with other partners for smooth operation, the SOS Children’s Village Bo made a visitation to Child Rescue Centre and lot of games were played e.g. table tennis, football and volley ball matches.  On such visits the children made new friends as they were taken for a short tour to see the facilities and there was a lot of interaction between the SOS children and community children.

As part of the Easter celebration, the SOS Children’s Village, Bo took the children to a moonlight picnic at the Methodist Resource Centre for a day with other community children. This occasion was observed in a grand style as children met with new friends from different schools. It was divided into two sessions; Children from ages six to thirteen years attended the afternoon picnic whilst age fourteen (14) and above attended in the evening. It was fun-filled with wonderful African songs, food and lots of mini-games. This helped a lot in the area of socialization of SOS children, Youths and others from the outside community.

In commemoration of the SOS Mother’s Day in May 2012, the SOS Children’s Village, Bo organized a unique fashion show. It is believed all over the world that this day marks a very significant day in the life of a mother particularly so an SOS mother; it was celebrated with a thanksgiving service and special recognition of all SOS mothers and aunties including the SOS retired mothers.

A competition was organized by the SOS management team for SOS children and youths to participate in kite flying.  Children aged 8 and 12 were selected for the competition and officials were invited to see which kite was at the highest level and the owner given a gift.

On discipline, a Psycho-social Counseling was done by Defense for Children International Sierra Leone to help counsel the SOS Children ranging from 7 to 10 years old in groups and this was done by a Social Worker in April 2012.  Psychosocial Counseling helps a child to deal with social problems, change their attitude and behavior in the environment they find themselves.  The programme ended with a question and answers session.

The SOS Children, Youths and Staff had the opportunity to witness Agricultural Exhibition (Cacao) show at Kenema Town which was opened by His Excellency, President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.  There were a lot of questions by the children and youths and answers were given to them by the various booth owners.

SOS International School

The SOS International School, Bo continues to render quality education to develop and nurture children in the Bo area.  Pupils’ talents were identified and supported to build them holistically.

A Literary and Debating competition was organized by the English Department of the School to test the ability of pupils on various aspects of their study.   A Family Day treat was also organized by the school and children had a whole day to socialize and interact.  It was a beehive of activities as some side attractions included dancing and miming competitions in which children won prizes. 

Finally the School held its Annual Thanksgiving Ceremony in May, 2012. The Thanksgiving service was held at the school’s hall and pupils processed through the streets of Bo and back to the school.

SOS Nursery, Bo

In exposing the children to the community, several educational activities were undertaken. To ensure quality education for the children, the SOS Nursery ensured that all objectives in this direction were fully met. Activities undertaken with the children helped develop their whole being.    Many activities were coordinated for the children through individual or group work.

The Annual Inter-house sports meeting took place March 2012. It was a day full of excitement for both the children and their parents. This was to enhance the physical development of the children and a strategy of identifying their individual talents. Trophies and certificates were awarded to deserving athletes.

In May 2012, an Annual Thanksgiving Service was held at the SOS International School Hall. Staff and parents and educators had the opportunity of socializing and discussing issues relating to the performance of their children. It was a well-attended programme.

On June 16th, “the day of the African child”, the SOS Nursery, Bo celebrated that event in a unique way.  A film show was shown to the children, titled ‘Sarafina’ depicting the significance of that day. Educators sensitized the children on the importance and dignity of the African heritage.

On behalf of the Sponsorship department, I want to extend thanks to you for your commitment in helping this facility; we deeply appreciate the willingness with which you have continued to sponsor our efforts to make this facility a comfortable place to live in; we hope to have you in the SOS family for a very long time.

SOS Children's Village Bo