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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Blantyre, Malawi

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Blantyre, Malawi

A child sponsorship report from Blantyre in Malawi. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

SOS Children’s Village, Blantyre is quickly reaching maximum capacity as it now accommodates 145 children.  Five children have already been assessed and are waiting for reassessment and approval for admission our Village in southern Malawi.

Once the five children join us they will join the other children getting involved in many activities to shape their own future.  For instance, in the first half of this year, SOS children were engaged counseling sessions, remedial lessons for slow learners, receiving motivational gifts for the best performers, supervised studies for standard 3-7 learners, youth parliament training, helping mum with the maize harvest, gardening and maize milling. Over the Easter holidays children loved football and netball games and some 10-12 year olds went clothes shopping with their mothers.

The Family Strengthening Programme supported students in their secondary, primary and nursery education with school fees and caregivers are thankful to SOS Children’s Villages for footing medical bills as well as 39 female caregivers who underwent cervical cancer screening.

We held training for under privileged folks and for Village Savings and Loan groups.

600 blankets were distributed and schools received footballs, netballs and sports uniforms and desks.

Community under privileged children also received insecticide treated mosquito nets and underwent thorough health checks with their caregivers.

Our Medical Center: 

We have seen a major growth in clientele due to the strengthening of the link between SOS Medical Centres and the Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) which has made us the main port of call for all FSP clients. Usual activities in the child rehabilitation program and out patients department continued their new services and projects. Children with disabilities continue receiving physio, occupational and speech therapy while the outpatients department sees patients suffering form various ailments supported by our laboratory and pharmacy.  In our Children’s Rehabilitation Program (CRP) we saw 153 new clients over the past 14 months. Some were given equipment to support the children with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus, like corner chairs and seats, walking frames, toilet seats, standing frames and seat inserts.   A few clients were seen at home too. This allows caregivers to apply all taught therapy in their home setting enabling therapists to correct them and better advise them on the most effective practical means of managing their children.

The Out- Patients Department (OPD) put much emphasis on the prevention of diseases such as cough, tinea, malaria and diarrheal diseases to change the annual disease trend. Nurses and the clinical officers provided health talks in schools, homes, CRP and to all clients in the OPD. Talks were also given on the proper use of medications, especially antibiotics. Health assessments were conducted and homes were also assessed for proper storage of food items, medications and early detection of childhood illnesses.

In our Save My Mother Cervical Cancer Screening Programme we have seen a tremendous positive response from women in the rural FSP catchment area. Some women have also come from other districts as far away as 100-200 kms, where no facilities provide this service.

Our nursery:

Our nursery is bubbly and full of activities as usual. We are at our full capacity.  We had a very successful Open Day where parents collected their children’s progress reports and portfolios and later attended a performance by their children.  Our walls have been beautifully painted by the children who are so proud of their work. We have new ramps which can be used by those in wheel chairs.    The children planted 10 fruit trees and our granadillas have new big fruits! The guavas too!

We had a lot of fun painting Easter eggs and decorating Easter cards.  The older SOS school going children also had their great time at the nursery during the holiday programme and could not stop playing with the many educative toys we have! It was interesting to see the ex nursery children concentrating hard on solving some puzzles, playing memory games and ludo, snakes and ladders.

We sincerely thank all our generous sponsors for their wonderful support and care!

SOS Children's Village Blantyre