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Children in Mexico face violence on the street and in the home. On average, two children under the age of 14 have been murdered each day for the past two and a half decades. We work in eight key locations to ensure as many Mexican children as possible grow up in a safe family environment. … more about our charity work in Mexico

Brothers reunited for Christmas

SOS mother Francis with Leonardo and Rey David
SOS mother Francis with Leonardo and Rey David

After their parents were unable to care for them, brothers Rey David, Leonardo and Victor had been living in child shelters in Mexico. Because of the difference in their ages, they were forced to live apart in separate shelters and rarely saw each other. SOS Children offered the three boys a home together at SOS Children's Village Huehuetoca, and now they are able to celebrate Christmas together for the first time in years.

When SOS social workers learnt about brothers Rey David, 13, Leondardo, 11 and Victor, 7, they were living separately in state childcare institutions close to Mexico City. Without individual care, and separated from each other, they were all suffering from anxiety and their futures looked bleak.

Social workers decided that it was in their best interests to move into a family home at SOS Children’s Village Huehuetoca. SOS Children believe that, wherever possible, siblings should be able to grow up together in the same SOS family. The boys moved into a permanent home in the Village, headed by SOS mother Francis. They joined their new SOS siblings, Israel, Jesus and Alicia.

The oldest brother, Rey David, was the shyest of the three. He found it difficult to socialise and to interact with other children. With the patience and support of his SOS mother, Rey David has grown increasingly comfortable in the Village, and is now a lively boy with many friends.

When Leonardo, 11, arrived, he was suffering from anxiety. He used to bite his lips because he was so nervous. SOS mother Francis helped him to settle in and realise that he was in a safe environment. A few months on, he already has many hobbies, including singing in the SOS Children’s Village choir.

After arriving at the Village, the youngest brother Victor was diagnosed with a cognitive disability. When he first moved into his home, he was unable to eat or dress himself without help. Now, he has improved so much that his SOS mother is impressed with his quick development, and is hopeful he will continue to improve.

This year, Francis is planning an exciting Christmas for her children. Like any other family, she is creating family traditions. For the boys, they can finally spend Christmas reunited and surrounded by the love of their SOS mother.

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