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Matthew goes the extra mile

Matthew Blake on the final leg of his journey.
Matthew Blake on the final leg of his journey.

In 2008 Matthew Blake set off on a worldwide cycle ride. Four years and sixty countries later he is back home having raised more than £15,000 for SOS Children’s work in Chipata, Zambia. Here he recalls some of the special moments.

It was in Kazakhstan, four months and 5,000 miles into the trip, that I decided to give something back for all the kindness I was receiving along the way. So I contacted SOS Children who told me about plans to set up a new village in Zambia. The more I read, the more I knew that this was the cause I wanted to help. I first visited as many SOS Children’s Villages as I could. In Cambodia, the happiness of the children was humbling.

I spoke about SOS Children on national radio in Ecuador and was treated to an impromptu gospel singing performance from children and mothers in Zimbabwe.

Then at last, I got to Chipata. There I met Golden Mwinsa, the head of the Family Strengthening Programme. He had a welcoming handshake and broad grin and I liked him instantly. He guided me around the site that was developing into the Village that would soon be home to its first generation of children. I was proud to be part of this special place.

As I left Chipata, it felt good to know that in a little over a year’s time, in a place where so many have so little, we would be making such a big difference.

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