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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Santo, Haiti

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Santo, Haiti

A child sponsorship report from Santo, Port-au-Prince, in Haiti. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

It is our pleasure to have this new opportunity of contacting you and share with you this note about the developments of the SOS Children´s Village Santo during the first semester of the year 2012.

The SOS Children´s Village Santo is currently the home of 180 children and adolescents (100 boys and 80 girls), out of these, 83 were rescued from high risk vulnerability, 25 are social orphans and 72 are orphans.

During this first half of year, SOS Children's Village Santo welcomed 4 children from the Institute of Social Welfare and Research (IBERS). These children came from social centers that were closed by the state for their lack of quality in terms of care for the children. To help the children, the families of the Village were informed on time so they could give a warm welcome to these children when they first came into the programme, also, several activities were organized to help them understand the reason why they were brought to SOS Children´s Villages. The children quickly adapted and integrated into their new SOS families and have participated of all the activities within the Village ever since.

In order to assist the children and other programme staff victims of the earthquake in 2010, several activities were organized with the URAMEL (Psycho Trauma Centre of Haiti) under the theme of ´Growing through the trials´. All of the SOS children and staff of the Village participated of this activity, for which the population was divided in age groups: 2-6 years; 7-12 years; 13 – older and SOS collaborators. All of these activities allowed the participants to start an emotional recovery process and start the year joyfully.

Another important activity in which the community fully participated was the Mother´s day celebration, for this occasion, the children helped the pedagogical team in the preparation, particularly in the distribution of gifts and logistic. This Mother´s day celebration was very emotional because each SOS mother received a gift from one of her SOS children and there were also some touching speeches from some of the children about all the love and good care they receive from their mothers.

For Easter, the youth committee organized a celebration for the community; we had many activities in which the children and all the participants in general enjoyed of a great and pleasant family time; the children flew kites, participated of the Easter egg competitions, talent show, etc. For the International Day of Children, there was also a celebration made by the young people along with the state institution IBESR (Institute of Social Welfare and Research) responsible for child protection. For the occasion there was an exhibition of handmade crafts made by the children, this exhibition was later taken to a community festival on June 23 where the children evenly made an artistic presentation about child protection and dances.

Many of the youngsters have succeeded in their life; they work in different areas occupying diverse positions such as: stock manager, business manager, accountant, secretary, school supervisor, teacher, maintenance technician (electrical, plumbing), and cabinet maker, in small shops or stores (shopkeeper, dealer, manager). There are some who just finished high school and are studying at the university, either in Haiti or in other countries into different careers as: business administration, computer science, power management, accounting, electronics, secretariat, diplomacy, etc.

The volleyball team of the SOS Children´s Village Santo participated in three championships this year; first in an interschool championship in which they won; a regional championship in which they won second place and finally the U18 championship organized by the National Federation of Volleyball in which they came out in fourth place.

We hope that our report met your kind attention and we hope you continue to support SOS Children´s Village Santo.

On behalf of the children and the young people, SOS Children's Village Santo thanks you for your generous contribution in their favor and we send you a very warm greeting.

Kind regards,

SOS Children's Village Santo