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Living standards are rising as China undergoes rapid development. However, children continue to grow up in struggling families amid poor conditions, particularly in rural areas. In ten Children's Villages across China, we give the most vulnerable children a loving home … more about our charity work in China

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Qiqihar, China

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Qiqihar, China

A child sponsorship report from Qiqihar in China. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

During the Spring Festival, SOS Children's Village in Qiqihar, China held a Spring Festival party, which consisted of two parts, in the first part, the head of the village did a working report, mothers in the village reported the working experience, children stated their growing experience, and a representative from Children's Village cooperation unit made a speech. Every one of them made their speeches vivid and moving by choosing photos from everyday life and putting them on the projector. In the second part, children from the village performed various entertainment programs including dances, essays, recitation, hooked up songs, folk music play in unison, which help guests in various circles of society, sponsors, cooperation unit understand Children's Village better.

From March to April, SOS Children's Village invited psychological consultants from North Education consultation center to village, and held a two-time "spiritual growth training camp" for elementary and middle school children in the village. The purpose of the camp is to help the children to form good characters----- honest, trustworthy, upright, passionate and serious, to cultivate self-confidence, responsibility, and motivation and to form good habits in learning and life, hoping that one day they can be independent and useful citizens in society. The activities in the training camp are diversified including team building, interpersonal skills, building up confidence, goal establishment, horizontal expansion, ability cultivation, thanksgiving training. Meanwhile, by using diverse forms------experience-based simulation teaching, multiplayer race, multimedia trial, talent show etc, this training camp builds the development platform for children, helping them better adapt to society and complete their life mission.

In May, fifteen children from SOS Children's Village accompanied by village head Zhang Fengqin came to the orphanage in Keshan County, and celebrated International Children's Day with thirteen orphans. After the celebrations, these fifteen children coming to NO.2 Welfare house in Qiqihar condoled with the elderly, and gave them exciting performances. During the visit, children visited the patriotism education base "Mao Anying Memorial". With the help of the best guide in the memorial hall, children received a good education in patriotism.

On June 1st, recreational activities among sponsors undertaken by Longhui Etiquette limited company in Qiqihar was held in Children's Village, and attended by leaders from the Department of Civil Affairs in Heilongjiang province, Qiqihar government, and Qiqihar Bureau of Civil Affairs. Longhui Etiquette limited company specially set up the Organizing Committee for Children's Day activities, and provided diverse programs for children, meanwhile, invited caring members of the society to sponsor on the spot. Through games, recreational activities, children enjoyed a lot, what is more, domestic sponsor activities were further promoted.

SOS family joins all the children to wish you all the very best and thank you for your continued support towards our work for the needy children of our country.

SOS Children's Village Qiqihar