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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Go Vap, Vietnam

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Go Vap, Vietnam

A child sponsorship report from Go Vap in Vietnam. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

Spring has passed, summer returns instead. Kids in SOS Children’s Village Go Vap welcome an active summer vacation after long school days. Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to you for your generous support to our children. It is you who turn their dreams come true and open a bright future. With great pleasure, we would like to inform you about the development in our Village since the year’s start.

A loving home for every child

Time has been flying, it has been 22 years since we brought home the first group of children. They are enjoying their lives in the village where they receive love and good care from their SOS mothers. Their bright smiles show how innocent and happy they are. The village landscape has been changing so much. Trees grow bigger and create more shadow for the children to play. Green meadows make the village become more beautiful. Plum trees, coconut trees, mango trees , longan trees .... to give sweet fruits. All that encourage us a lot to continue the wonderful task  in the SOS Village.

At present, the village has been a home for 270 children, 174 children live in family houses, 36 boys are in the Youth House, 60 children live in dormitories and other places hired by the village. We have paid to children care, daily meals are delicious and tasty for children, providing to them nutrition.

Academic performance

Study of children of SOS Villages are of particular interest. Therefore learning results of the children are very good, graduation rates at all educational levels over 95%. Most of the children after graduating from high school to attend vocational schools, universities or colleges. It’s anyway optimistic that they are well-aware of the importance of learning, many made quite good progress and received scholarships, which becomes big encouragement for others

Also in the school year 2011-2012, our village has got 30 children who are going to take part in the graduation examinations of junior and senior high school. We have opened some extra classes of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English to tutor them for the exam. In order to prepare for the exam, these children always use up the time to review lessons. They often have to go to bed so late to read reference books, solve problems and some time cannot get up early on the following day. So their SOS mothers are persons who always get up earliest to wake up their children. They has also prepared meals more nutritious for the children and given them some advice to decrease their nervousness before the exam. We do hope that our effort will bring the best result.

Co-workers with SOS mothers have a monthly  meeting to share their concerns about cases of children and families, they also introduce their proposal and they apply appraisals about everybody’ performance in order to improve service offering to our kids.

Time goes by, time never comes  back, only memories are filled with bitter and sweet feelings in our life. We would like to invite you to read a touching story about admitting children to the SOS Children’s Village


We Vietnamese believe that if some lucky things come to us at the beginning of the New year, we will have the luck for the whole year. Therefore, on the first day of the 2012, we held the Village’s Festival-a very joyful & moved reunion. The first day celebration was much special and was our great honor to welcome Mr Helmut Kutin, President of the SOS Children's Villages International-Mr Siddhartha Kaul, Deputy General Secretary-Ms Shuhba Murthi-Continental Director to join us. We were really moved to witness the reunion in tears of the Village’s mothers and their children who have been out of the village for work and study, and particularly those who have left for their own married lives. The SOS mothers were much happy with their SOS children along with their husband, wives and children coming back to the SOS cozy roof-where they were brought up. We are so proud of our great SOS family. It’s sure the population of the village is getting bigger.

The task of welcoming the children’s relatives who come to visit children in the summer vacation was well done. All of them were informed the development of their children in the passing time. This practical act had a part in encouraging children’s spirit and it was useful to keep their mind on their life at the village. Simultaneously, it made the close connection between children and their relative. It took the important role in the success of educating children

We have also got two dancing groups and many good singers that can skilfully perform. Their lastest performance was on March 10th in order to welcome 16 students from the Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong . It was a chance for them to make friend to each others. They were so excited and pleases with singing, dancing, practice in English, team skills training through group games. After a short time play together, they seem to be siblings in a big family that the volunteers didn’t want to leave

Extracurricular activities have always played an important role in SOS children's life.  All the activities involved much care of the children. This year, boy club’s activities was extended that the teenagers can open their mind, giving their opinion and sharing their feelings together on their own forum with subjects about friends, love and life. From that, our boys and girls has good guide for personality development. Besides, they were increased the ability of integrating community in the future through outdoor trips or interchange activities with other youth unions in the neighbourhood


School year 2011-2012 there  are 215 pupils attending nursery, of which 28 pupils are children of the village, the remaining pupils come from communities around the school. Total number of teachers working in nursery  is 15. Qualification of teachers  as per state norms. Teachers are very active to take training courses for improving their level about professional skills.  Nursery is well observed regulations on the number of pupils in a class, learning programs and regiment nutrition is always paid attention to, so the health of children is good and their parents have confidence in nursery much.

At the end of this report, I would like to thank for your continuous support and help through all these years. With your kind heart, life will bring its best and its finest to you. Wishing your days filled with happiness and brightness with good hope not only during summer time but all through the year. 

SOS Children's Village Go Vap