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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Entebbe, Uganda

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Entebbe, Uganda

A child sponsorship report from Entebbe in Uganda. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

The New Year started well, we are glad that there has been a slight decrease in prices of essential consumables although prices of some food stuffs have remained high. Nonetheless we have managed well with what is in our reach. We also experienced a very long sunny and dry season from towards the close of last year till early April when the rainy season set in. We would like to share with you some of the latest happenings since the beginning of the year.

Medical Centre Launch

In February this year, the Medical Centre was launched & officially opened to the community. People from the community turned up in large numbers and as part of the launch free medical services were offered. Majority of the patients were from poor communities with dire need of support in form of medical services. The launch left a big smile on their faces because it meant easy access to quality medical services at reasonable prices. So far the turn up of patients at the medical centre is reasonably good with the medical centre staff doing a great job to ensure patients’ welfare.


Following the admission of 10 children last year, 9 were enrolled at the SOS Nursery. They have settled in well and are having a great time interacting with children from the neighboring community. Recently, the nursery held an annual sports day at which children showed talent in different sports activities include; bottle filling, 30 meter race, sack racing, parade, aerobics, block building, tyre race, ball picking and others. The parents were also involved in the racing competitions which made the day more enjoyable. Such sports activities contribute greatly to the children’s development and parents are very happy about this arrangement.

On another brighter note, the children who sat their primary leaving examination last year performed very well. Out of 14 candidates, 9 had first grades. They have already joined High schools because their hard work finally paid off.

Opening a youth home for girls

The youth girls’ home opened this year with a total number of six girls. They are now under the guidance of a Youth Leader to help them become mature young ladies on the way to self independence. In addition, five boys joined the boys’ youth home bringing the total to fifteen boys. The youth are adjusting well to their new living environment and learning more on what it means to live an independent life without their mothers’ ever present supervision. In addition with the youths joining the homes, 11 new children were admitted to fill up vacant places in the family houses. Therefore the total number of children and youth in the Children’s Village has risen from 130 to 141 after admission of these babies.

Family Strengthening Program (FSP)

The Family Strengthening Programme continues to do amazing work in the community something that has prompted United States Agency International Development (USAID) to fund the programme thus expanding its operations in the community. With this opportunity, FSP will therefore begin operations in a new neighboring parish and will take on 100 vulnerable families for the start. The programme aims to improve social-economic status as well as food security and nutrition, increase capacity of vulnerable women & children and avail protection and legal services. At the moment, the implementation of this project is still in its early stages but progressing quite well.

On another note, after four years of operation in the Nkumba parish, FSP is exiting at the end of this year. An exit strategy has been laid with the formation of a Community Based Organization to take up the work FSP has been doing. The trainings on parenting, financial management, farming, human rights have impacted greatly on the lives of the beneficiaries. Their minds have grown with a positive attitude towards life.

As we close off, we once again wish to thank you for standing with us at all times. We truly appreciate!

SOS Children's Village Entebbe