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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Astana, Kazakhstan

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Astana, Kazakhstan

A child sponsorship report from Astana in Kazakhstan. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor, 

Greetings from ‘SOS Children’s Villages Kazakhstan’!  Thanks to people like you - people who help abandoned and needy children, we strongly believe in kindness and love in our world. We are very glad that despite of all difficulties and problems of everyday life you don’t forget about children. Thank you for being sensitive and concerned!

Now it’s time to share with you information about how we lived last six months. Many interesting events happened in ‘SOS Children's Village Astana’. Everything is going well and all our children and SOS mothers are keeping fine.

There are 14 SOS families taking care of 74 children at the age from 5 up to 17 years old. There were no admissions of new children within last several months. From January till June eleven youngsters moved from Village to Youth Homes. They were carefully prepared by their SOS mothers and Youth home educators for this important stage of their life. Now in 1st Youth Home there are 14 youngsters (4 girls and 10 boys). In second facility there are also 14 youngsters (5 girls and 9 boys). Two boys moved from Youth Home to Semi-independent program (they rent a flat and have a constant job).

Our constant local sponsor continues to support our children with lessons of Kazakh and English languages. Also students-volunteers help our children in various school subjects like algebra, geometry, physics, languages, etc.; also they organize art studio lessons (drawing and actor techniques).

In March we celebrated national holiday ‘Nauryz’. Children organized a concert: they sang and danced for two hours. Then SOS mothers invited guests into family houses to taste Kazakh traditional meals - ‘nauryzkozhe’ (broth with meat and 7 kinds of cereals), ‘beshbarmak’ (meat with dough),’baursaki’ (doughnuts).

This school year ended well almost for all children. 5 of them finished schools and plan to enter Colleges. 5 children graduated from Nursery and will go to school in September. As usual we are organizing summer rest for children: with the help of local sponsors some children will have rest in camps, some will visit their SOS mother’s relatives, some will attend school camps.

Its is very important that while children are under SOS care - our co-workers do everything possible to keep children’s flats (houses, rooms) as their property; also all our children are registered in a state waiting list - some of them will receive housing from the government after they leave our care.

At the end we would like to underline once again that without your generous support all above-mentioned activities towards children would not be possible at all. Therefore, on behalf of all SOS children, SOS mothers, personnel, beneficiaries of other projects, accept please our sincere gratitude!

SOS Children's Village Astana