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In the wake of economic growth, many Ghanaians now enjoy improved living standards. For poor children, however, life is tough and life chances limited. That's why we support fragile families provide care to children with no one else in three locations in Ghana. … more about our charity work in Ghana

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Asiakwa, Ghana

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Asiakwa, Ghana

A child sponsorship report from Asiakwa in Ghana. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

At this time of the year, I am happy to express our sincerest gratitude for your generous sponsorship for our SOS Children's Village Asiakwa.

Over the years, the SOS Children’s Village Asiakwa has maintained its serene family environment and continues to work hard in finding and applying a holistic approach to meet the developmental needs of our children. The SOS Village currently has one hundred and six children, comprising of fifty two boys and fifty four girls living in twelve family houses.  Two more children were admitted during the first half of 2012. The children are doing well and adjusting nicely into their new environment. A transitional educational workshop was organized for the individuals who will soon make the transit from the SOS family home to the SOS Youth homes. This is set to be a gradual preparation period for the children so they are not overwhelmed by the swift change of environment when moved from the SOS family house and the SOS mother.

Although eight family houses, the Village Director’s residence, the guest house and the administration block is currently under renovations, we continue to ensure that the family lives and daily routines of the children are not interrupted. Everyone, especially the children are looking forward to the completion of these renovations, which will give their homes a facelift and complete new look. The completion will also make room for us to revisit a number of admission cases currently pending social investigations by the police and office of the Ministry of Social Welfare.

The past Easter Holiday Celebrations was characterized by activities over a four day period. These included church activities organized on an individual family house basis, fun games with our children competing against their SOS mothers and aunties in various games, and a Love Feast on the SOS Children’s Village grounds on Easter Monday. For all church activities, each SOS mother accompanied her Children to attend an Easter Service in town at a church of their choice.


In striving for the overall development of our children, education continues to be the hallmark of every activity performed in the SOS Village. Six students, all at level one of Junior High School have been registered for the Baseline Assessment Programme, a structured programme set to prepare them towards the International College Entrance Examination, once they are eligible to take the examination. This gives them at least a two year preparation period and through this programme, they are able to build their own academic self confidence.

Seven young children are currently enrolled at Nursery, two are scheduled to be graduating from the nursery at the end of the academic year and move on to begin Primary School year one at the SOS School at the beginning of the 2012 / 2013 Academic School Year.  Five of our children recently graduated from Junior High School, after completing the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), a national examination facilitated by the Ministry of Education as a promotional examination for all Junior High School Students moving on to Senior High School. During this period, standard Junior High Schools all over the country following the Ministry of Education guidelines and curriculum, takes part in the examination with every school following the same timetable and examination questions over the period of a week. For some students, this period can be very traumatizing, however, with the preparations our children pass through prior to the examination period they come out with flying colours.


Major efforts are being put in place to identify and enhance the health status of all the children under our care. Twenty eight  children who were identified to have major dental problems during a dental screening exercise held at the SOS Village the previous year were all sent to the Kibi Government Hospital (a township just miles away from Asiakwa) to be treated. An Ear Screening exercise also happens to be under way and scheduled for the month of August 2012 for all the children in the SOS Village.

Thankfully an Eye Care company paid a special visit to the SOS Children’s Village in the month of June and during their visit provided free eye screening for all the children and staff. Treatment was given to problems identified, with lenses provided for the handful that needed them at a heavily subsidized cost. Not enough words could express the heartfelt gratitude we had for the Eye company.  They recommended surgery for one of our children who was diagnosed as having a serious eye defect that could only be corrected by surgery in order to prevent total eye damage and possible blindness over time. Following their recommendations, the necessary arrangements are under way to save our boy’s eyes.

SOS Children's Village Asiakwa