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SOS Children's Villages began working in Kazakhstan in 1997 when the first community was established in Almaty, the former capital. There are now three Villages in the country caring for children between the age of eighteen months and 15 years … more about our charity work in Kazakhstan

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Almaty, Kazakhstan

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Almaty, Kazakhstan

A child sponsorship report from Almaty in Kazakhstan. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor, 

Greetings from ‘SOS Children’s Villages Kazakhstan’!  Thanks to people like you - people who help abandoned and needy children, we strongly believe in kindness and love in our world. We are very glad that despite of all difficulties and problems of everyday life you don’t forget about children. Thank you for being sensitive and concerned!

Now it’s time to share with you information about how we lived last six months. Many interesting events happened in ‘SOS Children's Village Almaty’. Everything is going well and all our children and SOS mothers are keeping fine.

There are 12 SOS families taking care of 59 children at the age from 5 up to 14 years old. In April we admitted 3 new children from a small town Kapchagay - 2 boys and one girl, they are biological brothers and sister. In summer we are planning to admit 2 more children.

In January two youngsters moved from the Village to the 1st Youth Home. They were carefully prepared by their SOS mothers and Youth home educators for this important stage of their life. Now in this Youth Home there are 16 youngsters (9 girls and 7 boys). Two youngsters moved from Youth Home to Semi-independent program.

In 2nd Youth Home there are 17 youngsters (5 girls and 12 boys). All of them study in various colleges and vocational institutions; unfortunately one of them was excluded from the college due to bad behavior, now he is trying to find a job. In March this Youth Home changed location. The first location consisted of several flats, they were rather far from the city and for children it was difficult to get to their schools. Now Youth Home is a house, situated not very far from the village (about 30 minutes by bus). The house where children live is big and bright, with many rooms and they like it.

76 children in average attend SOS Nursery: 44 girls and 32 boys. Four of them are village children, about 20 - beneficiaries of our family strengthening project, and the rest are children from the families of nearby districts. Nursery is self-financed, but because of difficult times we are trying to get government subsidies to cover the part of costs.

As we informed you before - nursery is our pride. Excellent and experienced specialists work there; every year they increase their qualification.

There are 178 children from 124 families in the Family strengthening programme. From the beginning of the year we started to work with 6 new families which are in difficult life situation, with 8 children. At the same time 6 families left the project as they achieved a certain level of self-sufficiency - with the support of our social co-workers they found ways not to abandon their children (they got new professions, found jobs, started to earn enough money to maintain the family, started to take good care about own children, etc.).

During summer school holidays our project organizes puppet shows in local theatre for all children free of charge; these shows are very interesting and different children form different families, and also village children often come to see the performance.

At the end we would like to underline once again that without your generous support all above-mentioned activities towards children would not be possible at all. Therefore, on behalf of all SOS children, SOS mothers, personnel, beneficiaries of other projects, accept please our sincere gratitude!

SOS Children's Village Almaty