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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, Chiang Rai, Thailand

A child sponsorship report from Chiang Rai in Thailand. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

We are happy to give you recent information concerning our SOS Children's Village Chiang Rai, the fourth SOS Children's Village in Thailand.

In our report at end of last year, we told you about we were preparing to have SOS Youth House for our adolescent boys from SOS Children's Village Chiang Rai who reach fourteen years old.  In April this year our four adolescent boys have already moved living at Youth House.  These four boys are studying in junior secondary school grade three. They are leading with two male educators.  This Youth House is about fifteen kilometres far from SOS Children's Village Chiang Rai.   It was the very new thing for everyone at SOS family in Chiang Rai.  Six months before moving these four boys spent every Saturday at SOS Youth House to get familiarity.  Here they can grow up more independently and learn how to become young adults and confidently integrated with the society while it is still possible for them to visit their SOS family at SOS Children's Village Chiang Rai regularly and they are still being on full support from SOS.   At least one a month, they visit family at SOS Children's Village Chiang Rai, to play football with siblings and do activities together.  They also help to do gardening in the village and help repairing household equipment in their houses, and before going back to Youth House, they will have evening meal with mother and siblings to have a talk, discuss, consult or play to tighten their relationship.

We also would like to tell you about what activities we had for our SOS family during the past months.

Internal activities;   We still promote our family to do vegetable plots around their houses and at the village backyard for sufficient life.  Every weekend our boys like to help on repairing basic household equipments for their mothers.   On 5 December 2011, we celebrated our great beloved King Bhumibol's birthday, on 31 December 2011 we had New Year celebration and early of next morning everyone offering food to Buddhist monks as to do first good thing for the new year.  On 14 January 2012 we had 'National Children Day' celebration.  On 13-17 April 2012 is a Thai cultural week as we call 'Songkran festival', it is a Thai tradition New Year, we celebrate this festival by splashing water to each other.  The younger persons will pour perfume into adults' hands as to give respect.  We also clean Buddha image and clean our house as a big cleaning day.  The other source of this festival is; April is the hottest month of the year the original Thai people want to decrease from high temperature. On 19 May we invited the officer from Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation to educate our SOS family. They set a disaster situation and trained our children and mothers to know on how to.

External activities; We participated in two special religion ceremony; on 7 March 'Makha Bucha Day', to praise our Buddha on his enlighten and on 4 June, 'Visakha Bucha Day', to commemorate the occasion of Buddha's birth, enlightenment, and passing away at the same day.  Our children attend meditation and other activity at a temple and when returned home we help cleaning village surrounding.  In March some Buddhist boys took Buddhist-novice ordination period.  On 28-29 April, SOS family went together to Lampang and Chiang Mai provinces in the end of April. Our children were so enjoyable sightseeing around town. They visited ‘The International Horticultural Exposition’ at Royal Flora Ratchaphruek in Chiang Mai seeing various kinds of beautiful trees and flowers from over the world and learnt a lot about botany. At Lumpang province,they visited ‘Mae Moh Lignite Mine’, the biggest power plant in which generates electric current by using lignite coal in Thailand. Here, our children got to know how important of lignite coal is and it also takes part initially that runs Thai economics nowadays. Next day, we went to ‘Thai elephant conservative center’ where the children had so much fun with elephant’s parade, elephant's drawing, and pulling wooden logs.  We ended program by delicious buffets and ice cream.  

Schooling for all children at SOS Children's Village Chiang Rai:   Seven children are pre-school aged, they are at home.   We have sixteen children at four to six years old in the nursery school (kindergarten) inside the village.  Here we also give education for twenty-eight children from neighbours so our children have chance to learn to know friends from outside.  They learn from eight-thirty to fifteen o'clock.   We provide an English teacher to practice English reading, speaking and writing. In sometime we bring them for outside learning at aquarium, zoo to open their vision or providing documentary films about world animal, planets.  The older children are studying at various schools outside the village; ninety-four children in the primary school, twenty in junior secondary school, three in senior secondary school.    The children who their schools are outside, they leave home at around seven or eight o'clock and leave from school around sixteen or seventeen o'clock.   We provide transportation car for the small ones, for the older ones they take public bus.

We feel highly grateful for your generous support, on behalf of everyone there we would like to say "Thank you" for your contribution and for being a friend for our worldwide SOS family.

SOS Children's Village Chiang Rai