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Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Ziguinchor, Senegal

Child Sponsorship Report 2012, from Ziguinchor, Senegal

A child sponsorship report from Ziguinchor in Senegal. This charity report covers the first half of 2012.

Dear sponsor,

SOS Children’s Village of Ziguinchor accommodates no less than 131 children divided into 13 family houses managed by 13 SOS mothers who are helped by 7 aunties.

All children on age to go to school are registered in different schools. They are following well and the school results we have are satisfactory in elementary school like in college.

During the 2012 first semester academic school year, the village has conceived and gone through a lot of activities in different domains:

Socio-educational activities as it is usually the case occupy a very much important part of life in the village. All scheduled workshops, hands-on-experience like, have been executed in due time. All children from primary to junior high have taken part in at least one activity, the most important of which are the followings: needlework, picking, mosaic painting, dyeing, and free drawing for the smaller ones. Children participate well are proud to see their creation exposed in the village shop.

This year, the village has organized a youth club for 100 children in Ziguinchor. During that event, the children were able to demonstrate all their skills and know-how in different domains (manual techniques, sport, and culture)

Children and youngsters have also taken part in a soccer tournament endowed with the Hermann Gmeiner cup, but we have unluckily been eliminated in the first round. This does not mean that our team is not good but it is because we faced other teams that are stronger than ours.

The youth training team has got 46 members; all these children are supported by the SOS Children’s village through its youth training program. They are between 15 and 20 of age; 10 of them in youth house and 36 in biological families .These 46 young boys are following high school or professional training in different domains.   

Regarding what we call the ASECS (Socio-Educational, Cultural, and Sporting Activities), it is important to note that two of our young boys succeeded in securing the Kung Fu black belt grade and they also took part in a nationwide tournament. It is also to be noted that 6 boys have enrolled in an educational community training.

In prospective, the planning of holidays activities foresee the forthcoming organization of “vacances numériques” meaning “digital holidays” which will train 10 young boys in ICT, the youth days, and a series of 4 thematic animation sessions (September), and at the end a fun time activity (outing with youngsters) before next school year opening.

Different celebrations have been observed as well in the village: Christmas holidays, Korite (End of fasting), Tabaski, Easter holidays, and June 23 holidays which is an occasion of meeting between the community and the SOS village.

The village is in partnership with the academic center for professional orientation and the AEMO (Educational Action in Open Environment). The village has got 4 maternal classes (commonly termed as small, medium, and big sections). Our children are registered in there and learn how to socialize. Not far from the school is Pierre Cremieux elementary school which obtained a 95% attainment ratio in the CFEE exams. This school appealing to social support mainly helps abandoned and destitute children with their schooling.

For the coming months, the village will carry on its commissioning of the policy of children protection and the promotion of socio-educational activities. An important device on internal processes for a quality support will be experimented to facilitate setting the definition of the objectives in this domain and to elaborate the action plan as well.

The village will resolutely go on working in collaboration with the family reinforcement and the surrounding community through different sporting and cultural activities.

SOS Children's Village Ziguinchor